Top 10 Richest Movie Directors in 2012

top 10 richest directorsWe saw in our detailed posts on richest actors, actresses, etc., that celebrities are making really huge money along with never ending fan following and ultimate fame. Have you ever thought of the fact that when the online celebrities are earning so much, the people who are actually paying them and those who are responsible behind the fame of them, how much rich would they be? To answer this, Here is a list of top 10 richest Movie Directors, who have been entertaining you with their magnificent work and have made enough revenue for them to be cherished.

1. George Lucas

$3.25 billion

George Lucas

George Lucas has a net worth of $3.25 billion as a professional businessman, director, writer and producer. He was born and raised in California and wanted to become a car racer. His sever accident in high school deviated his dreams towards the film industry. The epic Star Wars series got him his actual treasure and fame and he was able to grab $5 billion from his six movies that he made. As a director he made only six movies but he has many movies to his name as an executive producer writer and producer. Films including Body Heat (1981), Labyrinth (1986), The Land Before Time (1988) and Indiana Jones were all produced by Lucas. The American Film Institute awarded Lucas with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.

2. Steven Spielberg

$ 3 billion

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg grabbed his first awards at the age of 13 years. When he turned sixteen he made his first film named “Firelight”. On television he has directed shows like Marcus Welby M.D., Rod Sterling’s Night Gallery and Colombo. He got his major fame and worth from the direction of blockbuster hit “Jaws”. The outcome of audience was terrific where 67% of Americans crowded the cinema halls. He created many other hits like Hook, Jurassic Park and Minority Report. He has also been awarded critics award apart from the other box office hits. He has co-produced projects like The Gooiness, Animaniacs, Poltergeist and Back to the Future. Spielberg currently has a net worth of $3 billion.

3. James Cameron


James Cameron attends the 7th Annual Young Hollywood Awards at the Henry Fonda Theatre. Los Angeles, May 1, 2005. (Pictured: James Cameron). Photo by Lionel Hahn/Abaca.<br /><br /><br />
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Born in Canada, James Cameron has made his name shine like a golden star in the film industry by giving the biggest block busters of all time; Titanic (1997) and avatar (2009). He is the first director who was bold enough to take a risk of making a movie with 100 million dollars budget; Terminator 2: Judgment Day and a $200 million movie; Titanic. When Avatar was released, reports said that it had cost Cameron a budget of about $500 million at the time it hit the theatres for the first time. The gamble of putting all his money into the making of Titanic earned him not only a whooping gross of $650 million but also made him the richest directors of all times. The Avatar charisma got him $260 million in 2010.

4. Chuck Lorre

$600 million

chuck lorre

Chuck Lorre is a prosperous producer, writer, composer, and director with an assessed net worth of $600 million dollars. Hit shows such as “Grace Under Fire”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Two and a Half Men”, and is the current executive producer of “Mike and Molly” have been directed by Lorre. He started out as a touring musician, but shifted his focus in 1986 towards direction.

5. Tyler Perry

$350 million

tyler perry

Tyler Perry has the net worth of $350 million. He has beaten biggest film-makers of the industry namely; Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron. In the last five years all his films have rocked at number 1 at the box office. Out of the 8 blockbuster movies he made which grossed $418 million dollars, he has spent no less than $10 million on each of them separately. Reports state that in the year 2010 alone Tyler Perry had earned $125 million.

6. Michael Bay

$200 million

Michael Bay

Michael Bay began his career in the film industry as a filer for Raiders of the Lost Ark, at the age of 15. Bay’s box office hits include “Pearl Harbour”, New Transformers Trilogy, The Island, Armageddon, The Rock and Bas Boys I & II. He has directed and produced his movies himself. He has some horror films to his name too, like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and The Amityville Horror. Television hit No Way Out and Cocaine Cowboys have been directed by Michael Bay. He has not just directed and produced but acted as one of the goons in Miami Vice. He has a net worth of $200 million.

7. Guy Ritchie

$92 million

guy ritchie

1968 England born screenwriter and director, Guy Ritchie has a net worth of $92 million. In 2000 he made big news through his famous marriage with Madonna. His second movie Lock, Stock and Two Barrels (1998) had grabbed an Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay from the Mystery Writers of America. His divorce with Madonna got him between 50 to 60 million pounds as compensation money for bringing up his child.

8. Martin Scorsese

$70 million

Martin Scorsese

Largely remembered for his participation and contributions to the celluloid, Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest American filmmaker. His coarse years on the New York streets and his thirst for the Hollywood film industry earned him the making of blockbuster hit Taxi Driver which was nominated for numerous Oscars right away. His talent would have grossed him more Oscars and Academy Awards but his blunders of Raging Bull and Goodfellas decelerated his name and were rumored to be the biggest mistakes ever. However, fame could not remain aloof from him for long and in 2006 he received Best Director for his movie The Departed.

9. Joss Whedon

$45 million

joss whedon

Having a net worth of $45 million, American screenwriter, executive producer, director, book writer, composer and actor Joss Whedon has excelled in all fields he laid his hands upon. Owner of Mutant Enemy Productions and co-creator of Bellwether Pictures, Joss earned his major worth from the famous television series like Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. The WB series were his source of reputation and bucks.

10. Tom Shadyac

$5 million

tom shadyac

Tom Shadyac was born in Virginia and was able to join the film industry as a writer and director during his graduate schooling. His first break also came along the same time in the shape of his movie named “Tom, Dick & Harry”. He worked as a professional joke writer for Bob Hope initially. Further he made movies like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty. I am sure we all must have watched at least some of the aforementioned movies and must have found themselves rolling with laughter. He went on to produce films as “The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps”, “Accepted” and “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”. Like George Lucas, Shadyac had a major accident and after that he chose a quiet simple life. His wealth found tunnels to reach charity and he also sold most of his possessions. Last, when he settled in Paradise Cove, Shadyac compiled his experiences of journey in the documentary named “I Am”.

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