Top 10 Richest Men in Turkey In 2017

top-10-most-popular-women-in-turkey-in-2017We did share a post stating about the top 10 richest and influential women of Turkey and here we are again with another similar post. Turkish men are not behind in the rivalry when it comes to business and real estate. The list of the top ten richest men in turkey is as followed.

Murat Ulker (Net worth: 4.2 billion dollars)

murat-ulker turkey

Murat is a Turkish entrepreneur, chairman of the famous Ulker alongside Yildiz Holding which is Turkey’s biggest food manufacturer. He is an inheritor of the creators of Ulker, a Turkish maker of rusks, crackers, and sweets that was originated in 1944.

Husnu Ozyegin (Net worth: 2.7 billion dollars)


He is the vendor of the FIBA Holding which is an association of different financial corporations based in Turkey such as Fibabanka and Credit Europe Bank.  Ozyegin has been bestowed with the award of Businessman of the Year during 2000 by the Turkish publication called Ekonomist.

Rahmi Koc (Net worth: 2.5 billion dollars)

rahmi-koc turkey

Rahmi is a well-known Turkish capitalist and humanitarian. He has also been the chairman of International Chamber of Commerce for the tenure of 1995-1996. He was also a participant of the Rotary club and a fellow of New York Yachting Club and Istanbul Open Sea Yacht Club.

Ferit Sahenk (Net worth: 2.5 billion dollars)


Ferit is the chief executive of Turkey’s Dogus Holding Company and is the plushest individual in Turkey. He is also the owner of Turkish broadcasting assets apprehending more than ten parts of nation’s public relations market.

Sarik Tara (Net worth: 2.4 billion dollars)


Sarik Tara is the originator of Turkey’s leading construction corporation ENKA. This firm made a huge production in Russia as a real estate stockholder. It holds workplaces, a lodging house, shopping center in Moscow, 63 hypermarkets, and shopping precinct through Russia.

Erman Ilicak (Net worth: 2.2 billion dollars)

erman-ilicak turkey

Dr. Erman is a Turkish entrepreneur, shareholder, and leader of Ronesans Holding. He was entitled with the award of Businessman of the Year by a commercial publication Ekovitrin. He is an affiliate of the Board of Representatives of TED University.

Bulent Eczacibasi (Net worth: 1.7 billion dollars)


He is also a prominent Turkish entrepreneur. At present, he is the chairman of Eczacibasi Corporation which is a protruding Turkish business association with funds in medications, personal care merchandises, buyer yields, building goods and financial facilities.

Faruk Eczacibasi (Net worth: 1.4 billion dollars)


With his brother Bulent Eczacibasi and former associates of the Eczacibasi family he possesses noteworthy shares in the company as well. Faruk Eczacibasi is chairman of the Turkish Informatics Foundation also called as TBV, which was initiated during 1995.

Hamdi Ulukaya (Net worth: 1.35 billion dollars)


Ulukaya is the proprietor, creator, chairman, and chief executive of Chobani, an edgy yogurt trademark in the United States.  During April 2014, he was entitled by Barack Obama as a foundational associate of the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship.

Mubariz Mansimov (Net worth: 1.3 billion dollars)


He is an Azerbaijani born businessperson and is the initiator of Palmali Group Firms. These companies are a key shipping corporation. He is also the owner of the Azerbaijani soccer club called Khazar Lankaran.

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