Top 10 Richest Families in Paris In 2016

richest people in paris 2016Paris is among the wealthiest cities of the world and has produced many billionaire families until now.  According to Forbes, many people from Paris have been included in the list of richest people of the world based on annual assessment o their wealth and assets. Paris has an annual GDP of 624 million dollars which accounts for more than 30 percent of the entire GDP of France, making it one of the wealthiest regions of Europe. Ten of the richest families in Paris in 2016 are as followed.

Liliane Bettencourt and family

1 Liliane Bettencourt and family

Net worth: 41 billion dollars

Known for: Shareholder of L’Oréal Paris

She is a major French heiress and a famous businesswoman, socialite and a philanthropist. She is among the most chief shareholders of L’Oréal Paris and according to Forbes she is also one of the richest people of the world.

Bernard Arnault and family

2 Bernard Arnault and family

Net worth: 38 billion dollars

Known for: Chairman and CEO of Dior

One of the most famous business magnets of Paris is Bernard Arnault. He is also a major investor, philanthropist and an art collector of Paris. He is the 13th richest person of the world according to Forbes listings.

Serge Dassault and family

3 Serge Dassault and family

Net worth: 15 billion dollars

Known for: Politician and business

He is a French heir, business executive and a famous politician of Paris. He is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of Dassault group which gets him a major portion of his net worth.

François Pinault and family

4 François Pinault and family

Net worth: 13.8 billion dollars

Known for: Businessman

A famous businessman and art collector of France and Paris is François Pinault. He is also serving as a major stakeholder and honorary chairman of the one of the most leading companies of the world Kering.

Patrick Drahi and family

Cablevision Altice

Net worth: 10.3 billion dollars

Known for: Business

He is a Moroccan born businessman and is currently the citizen of Paris. He is the founder as well as controlling shareholder of Luxembourg based French company and is the 60th richest person in the world.

Pierre Castel and family

6 Pierre Castel and family

Net worth: 9.9 billion dollars

Known for: Castle Group and companies

Pierre Castel is a French businessman and is founder of Castle Group which is one of the largest beverages making company of the world. According to Forbes magazine, Castle and family have net worth of ten billion dollars as of 2016.

Alain Wertheimer and family

7 Alain Wertheimer and family

Net worth: 9.7 billion dollars

Known for: House of Chanel co ownership

Alain Wertheimer along with his family is a current citizen of Paris and is serving as a co-owner of Chanel. His brother Gerard is also a shareholder in the company and owns the controlling interest of the corporation.

Gérard Wertheimer and family

8 Gérard Wertheimer and family

Net worth: 9.7 billion dollars

Known for: co ownership of Chanel

He is the brother of Alain Wertheimer and owns half of the share of their company House of Chanel. According to Forbes list, Gerard Wertheimer and his brother are among the richest people in France and in the entire world.

Xavier Niel and family

9 Xavier Niel and family

Net worth: 8.8 billion dollars

Known for: Iliad group of companies

Xavier Niel is a famous entrepreneur of Paris and is a major stakeholder of a French internet service provider Iliad company which is the second largest ISP of France.

Carrie Perrodo and family

10 Carrie Perrodo and family

Net worth: 8 billion dollars

Known for: business

Singapore born, French businesswomen Carrie Perrodo is currently residing in Paris and is the owner of Perenco companies which is major oil company of France.

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