Top 10 Richest Countries of the World in 2016

Top 10 Richest Countries of the World in 2016With every tick of the clock, the world experiences a million changes belonging to any field or any area of life. The economy and wealth of the countries keep in transition but there are some usual claims that are made by statistical descriptions of some countries. The wealth and economic strength of a country is measured by its Gross Domestic Product per capita which is divided by the estimated population. Like last year, here are top 10 wealthiest and fortunate countries with highest GDP per capita in the list below:



Leading the list of the richest countries of the world, QATAR’s GDP per capita is estimated to be 102768.69 USD as of year 2015. Qatar is a Middle East country with its popularity in skyscrapers and ancient Islamic architecture. Its capital is Doha.



Next on our list is a European country that is famous for its valleys, forest and nature parks. The GDP per capita of the country is 80679.06 which makes it the second richest country with a population of 531,441 as of 2012. Its capital is Luxembourg City.


 singapore richest country

The global financial center, Singapore is the third richest country on our list with a GDP per capita of 60833.33 USD. Its population was estimated to be 5.312 million in 2012. Its capital is the city of Singapore. Its tourism industry is quite remarkably famous all over the world.


4. norway

Another beauty on the list with mountains, glaciers and greenery, Norway is the next richest country. Its GDP per capita is 55264.45 USD and the population measured in 2012 is 5.019 million.

Hong Kong

hong kong

Hong Kong is a country known for its cultural richness and for being a financial center for southeastern China. Its GDP per capita is 50708.95 USD with a 2012’s population estimation to 7.155 million.


brunei Richest Country

Surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea, this country enjoys a high standard of life styles. Its GDP per capita is 50400 USD. Its bountiful oil and gas reserves make it to be in the list of richest countries. Its capital is Bandar Seri Begawan.

 United States of America

 USA richest in 2016

Next on the list is none other than the super power of the world. Yes! There comes USA as the 7th richest country in 2016 with a GDP per capita of 49820.15. As of 2012’s study, its population is 313.9 million. Capital of USA is Washington D.C.

United Arab Emirates

UAE richest cou try

The country mainly belonging to Arabian Peninsula nation, UAE is the next richest country of the world as of 2016. Its populace as studied in 2012 is 9.206 million. The main source of its highly stable economy and luxuries is tourism and real estate businesses. The GDP per capita is 48,992.47 USD and its capital is Abu Dhabi.


switzerland one of the richest in 2016

The country that owns the world famous Swiss watches, it is none other than Switzerland. It’s an amazing tourist destination as well. The GDP per capita of the country is 45285.8 USD with banking and finance to be the key industries. Its capital is Bern.


kuwait richest

Last on the list but definitely not the least, Kuwait is yet another Arab country on Persian Gulf. The country’s GDP per capita is 43846 USD and the populace is 3.25 million according to a study of 2012. Its capital is Kuwait city which is the cultural, economic and political center of the country.

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