Top 10 Richest Countries In the World 2012!

Top 10 Richest CountriesEver wondered what country is the richest in the world? A country’s wealth is not determined by it’s total earnings, but its GDP (Gross Domestic Product). So what is GDP? It is basically a measure of the value of all the services and goods produced domestically. The more these goods and services, the more the GDP. The basic factors that come into consideration while calculating GDP per capita are; Investments made by the industry, export and import ratio, consumption, and government spending. This means that the more the spending and imports, the lesser the GDP. And the more the exports, the higher the GDP.

There is another measure with which countries are rated. That is GDP per capita. It is basically what you get when you divide the GDP by the total population. Some say it is not a better indicator of a country’s wealth, since fast growing economies don’t mean anything if they have a large population (like India and China). So here, we have organised the top 10 list according to GDP, and not GDP per capita.

10. Canada – $1.759 Trillion

  • Continent: North AmericaCanadian flag
  • Capital city: Ottawa
  • Population: 34,753,000
  • GDP per capita: $51,147
  • Land Area: 9,984,670 km2
  • Official languages: English, French
  • Currency: CAD (Canadian Dollar – $)

Surprised? Don’t be! Canada has experienced a recent inflow of immigrants from all over the world. The growth of its manufacturing, mining and service sectors has increased productivity, and it exports various good to the U.S, U.K, Japan etc. It ranks Number 10 according to GDP per capita ($51,147) And also has made its way into our top 10 list according to its current GDP income.

Canada - Ottawa

 9. India – $1.843 Trillion

  • Continent: AsiaIndian flag
  • Capital city: New Delhi
  • Population: 1,210,193,422
  • GDP per capita: $1,527
  • Land Area: 3,287,263 km2
  • Official languages: Hindi, English
  • Currency: INR (Indian Rupee)

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world! It’s economy is based upon business investments, private consumptions, agricultural outputs, and its key service sectors. Although it’s economy is booming, India’s GDP per capita is still far below other countries in the list. That is due to the large population. India is the second most populus country in the world after China.

Taj Mahal - India

8. Italy – $2.245 Trillion

  • Continent: EuropeItalian flag
  • Capital city: Rome
  • Population: 60,681,514
  • GDP per capita: $37,046
  • Land Area: 301,338 km2
  • Official languages: Italian
  • Currency: EUR (Euro – €)

It has a closed income of USD $2,287.704 trillion and according to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the CIA World Factbook, it has become the fourth largest economy in Europe when it comes to nominal GDP since they have diversified industrial and infrastructure economies. It is one of the eight members of the industrialized nations of the G8 group.

Italy has broadened its horizons for its industrial and road and rail network developments. Due to this progress, it has a nominal GDP of USD $2,287.704 trillion and with the review of the World Bank, the IMF, and the Central Investigation Authority, Italy has developed into the 4th major economy in Europe. It is one of the members of G8 Consortium.

7. Brazil – $2.422 Trillion

  • Brazilian flagContinent: South America
  • Capital city: Brasilia
  • Population: 192,376,496
  • GDP per capita: $12,423
  • Land Area: 8,514,877 km2
  • Official languages: Portuguese
  • Currency: BRL (Brazilian Real – R$)

Brasil’s main GDP growth comes from service sectors, agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. In fact, it has the largest economy among all of the South American countries. Brazil had a GDP growth of 0.8% in 2011!

Rio de Janerio, Brazil

6. United Kingdom – $2.603 Trillion

  • Continent: Europe
  • Capital city: London
  • Population: 62,262,000
  • GDP per capita: $39,459
  • Land Area: 243,610 km2
  • Official languages: English
  • Currency: GBP (Pound Sterling)

U.K. has an average quarterly growth of 0.58% and has retained its high GDP despite the recession that hit most other countries. Hence it has one of the most stable economy. Britain’s major income comes from the manufacturing industry (automobiles etc.), value added exports and its service sector.

The London Bridge, England

5. France – $2.808 Trillion

  • French flagContinent: Europe
  • Capital city: Paris
  • Population: 65,821,885
  • GDP per capita: $44,400
  • Land Area: 674,843 km2
  • Official languages: French
  • Currency: EUR (Euro – €), CFP Franc

Before 2011 ended, France reached a GDP growth of 0.30%. It is focusing on industrial development. France too was adversely hit by the recession in 2008-9, but has started to come back since 2010, and establishing itself as the second largest economic force in Europe.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

4. Germany – $3.628 Trillion

  • German flagContinent: Europe
  • Capital city: Berlin
  • Population: 81,799,600
  • GDP per capita: $44,555
  • Land Area: 357,021 km2
  • Official languages: German
  • Currency: EUR (Euro – €)

Germany is most well known for its manufacturing industry. It is the second largest car manufacturing company, after Japan, with respect to production and sales. And its other machinery is also renowned throughout the world for its reliability. German engineering is considered one of the best in the world and it is making lots of head-ways into research and development.

Germany is number one considering economic expansion. It focuses on exports mainly, which make up 1/3rd of the total national output. It has an annual GDP growth of 0.31%, making it the strongest and most stable economy in Europe.

3. Japan – $5.855 Trillion

  • Japanese flagContinent: Asia
  • Capital city: Tokyo
  • Population: 127,960,000
  • GDP per capita: $45,774
  • Land Area: 377,944 km2
  • Official languages: Japanese
  • Currency: JPY (Japanese Yen – ¥)

Japan is the world leader in the automotive industry. It exports cars and other machinery worldwide. It also is the leader in modern Mechanics and Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. Japan has managed to remain in the top 5 list for the last 52 years! All this despite the frequent earthquakes and tsunamis and other natural disasters as well as recessions etc. Hence Japan is one of the most resilient nations when it comes to coping with odds, be they natural obstructions or atomic bombs!

The Golden Hall, Japan

2. China – $6.988 Trillion!

  • Chinese flagContinent: Asia
  • Capital city: Beijing
  • Population: 1,339,724,852
  • GDP per capita: $5,184
  • Land Area: 9,640,821 km2
  • Official languages: Modern Standard Mandarin
  • Currency: CNY (Renminbi Yuan)

China has amazed us and everybody else in the last couple of decades. Before, it was just a mass of people under communist rule. But in the past few decades, China has surpassed all other nation with respect to its economic growth. It is the fastest growing economy on the planet with a GDP growth of a staggering 2.15%!!

Beijing, China

China’s economy revolves around trade. Its people are hard working and business oriented. It is the second largest importer of goods, and the largest exporter in the world. Chinese products have flooded many international markets providing relatively inexpensive alternatives to the heavy duty, hefty priced items by the alligators of the market! That’s why it is the most successful economy. China’s products have penetrated nearly all fields in the markets, and with such low price tags, are forcing other manufacturers to revise their pricing, hence stealing customers from other companies and causing other businesses to go in losses! This two-pronged strategy has been quite effective.

1. United States of America – $15.065 Trillion!!

  • USA flagContinent: North America
  • Capital city: Washington D.C.
  • Population: 313,042,000
  • GDP per capita: $48,147
  • Land Area: 9,826,675 km2
  • Official languages: English
  • Currency: USD (U.S. Dollar – $)

To tell you the truth, no surprises there! Although the GDP sum is quite staggering – more than twice that of its nearest competitor. Like China, it also focuses on trade. The highest recorded GDP growth was 3.28%! Despite recessions, and the alleged “war on terrorism” in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other wars such as Vietnam and Gulf War, it still is the world’s leading economy. That is perhaps because it is home to some of the largest and richest companies.

It is the leader in exports of Arms and Ammunition, and other war machinery like tanks, fighter planes etc. USA also dominates the aerospace industry housing Lockheed Martin and Boeing, the best in their trade. not only that, it is the big guy in the petroleum industry as well, with Exxon Mobil being one of the largest oil and Gas company in the world. Among the top 10 richest companies in the world, two are from USA. It dominates the IT and Computing sector as well, with Big Guys like Google, Microsoft, Apple etc in the house! USA also hosts the most amount of millionaires and Billionaires.

Statue of Liberty - New York, USA

That concludes our top 10 list. All the quoted statistics are from latest IMF and World Bank surveys. Please accept our apologies if there is any mistake. We will be more than ready to correct them. Feel free to comment and give us your feedback 🙂

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  1. Where would Uganda’s position be. Taking into account the improved 2011 GDP. I do agree with the ranking, however am shocked to see the big difference between US and China. Thanks

  2. but as per as d datas avalble in shws Qatar as d top richest nation.. Cn u tel me hw d countries r evaluatd on d basis of richness???

  3. imposible for india to be 9 .as per world bank india ranks 4 with 3.65 thrillion $ that is only to japan’s 3.76 ,china’s 6.05 & usa ‘s 14 thrillion

    • I think what you are indicating ( India no 4, actually 3) is based on PPP. ( purchasing power parity). I personally think that gives better picture of the economic activity of the country. because what US$ 1 can buy in US is different from what US$1 can buy in India ( or in UK). Earning numbers without the cost of living only gives incomplete picture. PPP captures both.
      Present article is primarily based on pure GDP only without any cost of living correction. Ranking in this article are correct but does not give the true picture of the economic activities in the country. See the link below.

    • lol i get where u are coming from with the person being american 😉 but i doubt it.. if it was an american.. Canada wouldn’t have even been on the list ! :p

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    • Yeap.. i completely agree! 🙂 but guess what…
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  6. Nice story, but not exactly correct, look at the debt a country has, for example the US, let’s assume for a moment they actually can afford to pay off their debt (very unlikely). Wealth is also determined by social standards each country has, and let’s face it the US has none mentionable. Rich means all people having a certain standard, for example Norway (actually all Scandinavian countries) GDP is all nice and well but in the ned it comes down to a healthy and equal economy. Of course some will be richer than others, but if in average all are doing well then that should be considered wealth. GDP is just a number adding up to nothing if wealth belongs only to a few………

  7. Wow the U.S is by far the richest country on earth.. You tell me who else on this earth gives out aid to other countries? Plus if it wasn’t for the U.S wanting to better the Globe most countries on this list would still be starving! Just look at how many people come to the U.S and send there money back home.. Like India, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, I can keep going on and on! How can India or China become the richest countries over America when all of there people are trying to come here? Until countries start attracting people to there countries they will never touch America! Uhhh people from India and China say how Immigration is a smart thing but neither countries have immigrants! America has almost 1 billion less than India and China but the productivity is still higher and the people wanna come here! Doesn’t sound like America will fall from #1 anytime soon!i

  8. Great India is #8 place in top 10 richest countries may it will come to top 5 in few years. Thanks for share this post with us.

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