Top 10 Richest Chefs in the World in 2013

rich chefDelicious meals and spicy recipes always get you a huge business no matter whichever location you chose to start your food chain. If you are good cook and people around you love your dishes, you surely can start your own food stall or even a food chain if you are seriously looking to adopt it as a business.

Here are top 10 richest chefs in world who are enjoying a net-worth in billions. Have a look!

1)Alan Wong

Net Worth: $1.1 billion

Age: not disclosed

Location: Japan

Known For: Hawaii Regional Cuisine

Alan Wong

The chef born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and half Chinese father is widely known as a Cofounder of Hawaii Regional Cuisine and an owner of 30 restaurants and 2 hotels worldwide. He also has a thriving consulting business, culinary schools and many published cookbooks. He has a total annual revenue of $80 million plus. He also cooked a luau at the Whitehouse for President Obama for the members of the Congress and their families.

2)Jamie Oliver

Net Worth: $235 million

Age: 38

Location: England

Known For: Jamie Italia and Fifteen

Jamie Oliver

Don’t be fooled by his boy demeanor, the English chef known for his cookbooks and food focused television shows is recently highlighted due to his campaign against the use of process foods in national school. He owns 20 restaurants in Australia, Dubai and U.K. In 2011 he made into the list of 1,000 richest Britons list with a net worth of $172 million.

3)Paul Bocuse

Net Worth: $185 million

Age: 87

Location: France

Known For: Restaurant Paul Bocuse

 Paul Bocuse..

The man who is famous for his innovative cuisine approaches and delicious dishes with minimum calories than traditional cuisine classique. His restaurants are the most prestigious dinning places, serving the best freshest ingredients and high quality cooking. He has received numerous awards and in 1975 he created the world’s famous soupe aux truffles.

4)Wolfgang Puck

Net Worth: $75 million

Age: 63

Location: Los Angles

Known For: Spago

Wolfgang Puck..

The man who invented the concept of Pizza, now oversees a company that include dozens of catering locations, 20 fine dining restaurants and a fast casual chain of 80 Wolfgang Puck Express Location. His soups, pots, pans and pizzas are ubiquitous in supermarkets and now his newest endeavor is an app that includes easy access to his recipes and restaurants.

5)Gordon Ramsay

Net Worth: $38 million

Age: 45

Location: London

Known For: Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay ..

The owner of 23 restaurant is well known as the popular host of Hell’s Kitchen has just opened a steak house at the Paris casino hotel in Las Vagas. He is soon going to expand his television empire. The short tempered chef is on the list of highest paid chefs with a total of 12 Michelin stars.

6)Rachael Ray

Net Worth: $25 million

Age: 43

Location: New York

Known For: 30 Minute Meals

Rachael Ray..

The only chef in our list who doesn’t own a restaurant. She started as a host through U.S. cables series Food Networks in 2002 with shows like $40 a Day and 30 Minutes Meal shot to fame by 2005 she issued a magazine and hold daytime talk shows. Her enthusiasm builds the entire empire. The author and a celebrity sold over 10,000 copies of her first cookbook.

7)Paula Deen

Net Worth: $17 million

Age: 65

Location: Savannah, GA

Known For: Buttery Southern Cooking

Paula Deen

The Butter Queen gets her money from Dinnerware, tools, appliances and almost $9 million through her cookbooks. The recent Paula Deen’s Southero Cooking Bible is a best seller. Her deal with Walmart, new restaurants in partnerships with Harrah and Smithfield Hams and helping to pad her healthy bottom lines.

8)Mario Batali

Net Worth: $13 million

Age: 51

Location: New York

Known For: Babbo

Mario Batali

The chef, also known as Molto Morio, who tends to maintain originality as he believes that food, like most things, is best when left to its own simple beauty. The master chef of history and culture of Italian cuisine, co-owns restaurants in Los Angles, New York City, Las Vegas, Connecticut, Honk Kong and Singapore.

9)Alain Ducasse

Net Worth: $12 million

Age: 55

Location: Paris

Known For: 33 Michelin stars

Alain Ducasse

The French born chef leveraged his seller reputation in a culinary world due to his status as the first chef to earn three Michelin stars at restaurants in three different cities into lucrative licensing deals at hotels around the world. His brand location, Le Relais and Le Louis XV in Paris are the reputable and prestigious dinning destinations.

10)Todd English

Net Worth: $11 million

Age: 51

Location: Boston

Known For: Olives

Chef Todd English was named best chef in the Northeast by the James Beard Foundation in 1994 for Olives, his Charlestown (Mass.) Mediterranean flagship restaurant. English now has four other Olives locations from New York to Las Vegas, as well as nine other restaurant concepts that bear his name. In 2001, <cite>Bon Appetit</cite> magazine named him restaurateur of the year.

<strong>Advice to aspiring restaurateurs:</strong>

&quot;It is important to make sure you have enough extra capital in the bank when you open a restaurant. It should be enough to get you through your first several months, but it would be even better if it could get you through your first year.&quot;

The host of Food Trip with Todd English is an amazing cook, surprising author and entrepreneur who is best known for his restaurant Olives, serving rustic Mediterranean. He also worked as a lead chef for Delta Air Lines. He owns a number of restaurants, wrote four cookbooks and in December 2012, his restaurant in Las Vegas was inducted into a culinary hall of fame.

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