Top 10 Richest Blogs of the World in 2012

top 10 richest blogs in the world 2012With Your Internet connection fully functional, you create, run and rule an empire with it enjoying earning online from your living room. Smart Earning Methods has been encouraging its readers to start believing in entrepreneurship and become their own boss. When we talk about online money making methods, the first and most effective one is undoubtedly ‘Blogging. After discussing what blogging is, where to start from, what and when to expect, what you need to know to earn with a blog, it’s now time to present an admirable list of top 10 best doing Blogs with their basic introduction. The reason I Chose this topic is simply to make you understand the importance of owning a blog and working in right direction to take it a head, and in return, enjoying a huge revenue per month. (More than any office job for sure).

If you Go through the following list of blogs in detail, you will realize that these sites are actually the one that are playing their role a little too good, keeping the blog updated with every single happening throughout the world. The Keys these blogs are using are what you call as consistency, quality, effectiveness and off course, reliability; appearing on Google’s first page for everything user search about is certainly not an easy task and these blogs are enjoying as they know the secret of decoding this difficult job.

1) TechCrunch

Category : News/Social Media/Technology

Net Income/ Month: $800,000

This is the site, people, who want to keep themselves updates, follow the most. With an Alexa ranking in 300s currently, TechCrunch enjoys around 26 Million page views a month. The blog makes money with Google Adsense, text advertising and banner advertisements. The Blog has a privilege to have a large number of great authors who help the site, keeping it updated by posting on hourly basis.

2) Mashable

Category: Social Media

Net Income / Month: $600,000

Pete Cashmore’s mashable is the top most blog in the social media listings by representing all social media hot news , with breaking news as its specialty. Almost all blogs, whether big or small follow mashable to keep their own blogs updated. The blog get around 25 Million visits per moneth, which is it self a good figure to understand how much the site earns.

3)Read Write Web

Category: Social Media

Net Income/ Month: $600,000

having the same domain as that of Mashable, read write web comes the next. With the increasing trend of social media following, the blogs that contribute in this niche are earning the best for serving. The per month earnings of the blog is pretty similar to that of mashable, but still the added x factor for its popularity, mashable enjoys fame for its name.

4) Perez Hilton

Category :Celebrity hot News

Net Income/ Month: $200,000

People like you and me, who somehow love to enjoy knowing about their favorite celebrities and the latest happenings in the glamour world, find Perez Hilton the most authentic place to land in. the Owner Mario Lavandeira is delighted to have 1 million visitors a day to his blog. The owner, who is himself the author of the blog too, writes around 30 posts a day, presenting juicy news and worth reading rumors. the focus us primarily seen on Movies, Television sitcoms, etc.

5)Timothy Sykes

Category: Money
Net Income/ Month: $180,000

I wonder what this guy has put in his blog, having same name as his that he earns so much. Having the same niche as ours, this blog is all about money making.


Category: Tools and Design

Net Income/ Month: $120,000

The Blog where the readers get benefitted with amazing tutorials regarding tools and designs is certainly a good place to learn from. The blog make more than half of money with the membership scheme that the blog follows.

7) Smashing Magazine

Category: Web Design

Net Income/ Month: $150,000

The blog that is known for its Web designing is truly a resource for all the web designers as well as those want to learn more about it. The owner Vitaly Friedman earns a good per month income of $150,000.


Category: Lifestyle

Net Income/ Month: $110,000

Being a truly devoted to the lifestyle and trend setting of New York City, the blog owned by Jake Dobkin is really a hit. There are more than 3 Million visitors that visit the blog per month. Imagine the revenue!

9) Life Hacker

Category: PC/Tips/Tricks/Software/Downloads

Net Income/ Month: $108,000

Once a reader commented on my article, which was about Windows 8 news update, that it was really shocking for him to see a ‘Female’, doing well in this niche. Now this is what I have found more interesting and worth following. Gina Trapani a female writer owns a blog, all about technology, software, tips and tricks known as life hacker, and earns around 110,000 per month . Now that’s a WOW!

10) VentureBeat

Category: tech/people/money

Net Income/ Month: $100,000

The owner Matt Marshall, who is enjoying a huge per month income after his retirement from journalism works on his blog Venture beat and as a matter of fact, the blog has made its name in the domain, forcing people to follow it consistently.

Blogging has changed the lives of people who trusted their capabilities and initiated to start it up. As a Devoted Author of Smart earning methods, all my wishes are with SEM and MBT to get their entry on top 10 richest blogs of the world some day.

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