Top 10 Richest Animals in the world

Richest animals in the world

The title might seem weird yet the news is all true. While there are people who are dying of hunger daily somewhere on earth, there are some pets who are even richer than you can actually imagine. Owning a worth of million dollars, here are the top 10 richest Animals in the world.

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1)Gunther IV

Owner: Karlotta Lieberstein

The record breaking dogs owning Madonna’s mansion in Miami, Villa in Bahamas and has his own butler, tops the list with an estimated worth of $324 million. The bank balance to Ganther IV was left to him by his father Ganther III in 2000, a fortunate dog having himself inherited the handsome fortune from his owner.

2)Toby Rimes

Owner: Ella Wendel

Tobby rimes

Ella originally left her pet podle tobby $90 million in 1931, since then there have been a succession of pampered pooches living with the treasure with the current heir being Toby Rimes.

3)Kalu the chimp

Owner: Patricia O’Neill

kalu the millionaire chimp

The life of Kalu has completely changed since the day he was tied to death. The son of Olympic Swimming champion, Patricia O’Neil saved the life of Kalu who was tied to a tree to death. The chimpanzee now lives in her own estate and owns a mansion and farm in Australia with addition $90 million trust funds for her routine desires.


Owner: Ben Rea


The richest cat, in Guinness Book of World Record, with millions of dollars in her account inherited the fortune after his owner death. He received almost everything Rea ever owned leaving not a single penny for any one.

5) Tommaso

Owner: Maria Assunta


The streets of Rome have changed her life forever. The stray cat that got saved by late Maria, widow on Italian property tycoon, has now become the owner of everything she got in Rome and Italy. He inherited $13 million net worth and a lawyer who is looking for an animal welfare and taking care of Tammaso as a care taker.

6)Gigoo the hen

Owner: Miles Blackwell

Gigoo the millionaire hen

Though cats and dogs made into the fortunate list but this just goes to show that a pet not need to be a dog or a cat. The mogul Miles Blackwell left his beloved pet $20 million in 2000, following the death of his wife Briony the year before.


Owner: Betty White

Pontiac the millionaire dog

The popular figure from The Hot in Cleveland set up a $5 million trust for her beloved Golden Retriever called Pontiac and her other pets. He was rescued from Guide Dogs for the blind in 2010. Pontiac used to take care of her a lot rather roaming with other dogs that was just one more reason for white to love Pontiac eternally. She spent her 90th birthday with her favorite companion Pontiac. She support many animal associations and on her way to ask for donations to eradicate Canine Cancer among dogs.

8)Frankie the dog, Ani the cat, Pepe le Pew the cat

Owner: Lenise Patrick

frankie the dod

There is not much to say about that because they were just fortunate. A mysterious lover had left a treasure of $138 million on a lucky neighbor Lenise Patrick to take care a dog and two cats, name Ani and Pepe, living in San Diego. The owner receives $1.3 million per month to take care of them.


Owner: Leona Hemsley


Trouble, the $12 million dog who used to live in pent house initially can go on a spree now after the death of her owner beloved owner Hemslay who inherited her $12 million fortune after her death due to congestive heart failure. Her grandchildren reviewed the decision taking by her in court whereas trouble was threat to kidnap. The courts later reduced the amount down to $2 million. Regardless, he is well taking care of. He died last year.


Owner: Margaret Layne


Found a rich old widow, visit her everyday and is rewarded with millions of dollars when she died is more like a dream coming true for Tinker. A house that worth over a million dollar, is left with two named trustees to take care of tomcat daily. Tomcat was left with a handsome trust funds too.

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