Top 10 Most Popular Football Teams that Might Win FIFA 2014

Football teams to win in FIFA 2014 FIFA is back with a bang this year! More like a treat for all the football lovers, this summer has exciting series of FIFA 2014, coming all their way. If you are a FIFA lover and following a Club or a team, here comes the time to promote and support it. Held in Brazil, FIFA 2014 has all the eyes on it where the football fans all over the world are expecting the following of the teams to take the FIFA 2014 back to the club.

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1. Brazil

Brazil Football team that may win FIFA

Brazil has won most of the Fifa Cups but they haven’t topped the list since 2002. Everyone is having high expectations from Brazil especially when they will be playing in their home ground. Brazil will be led by Neymar, followed by great players like Kaka, Lucas and Hulk.

2. Italy

Italy Football team that may win FIFA

Italy is ranked among the top 10 teams because it is considered the power house of soccer. With players like Del Piero, Buffan and Baggio, the Italian players have just the right combination of talent and experience. Italy is sure to enter the finals, however it’ll need a bit more luck to win the trophy.

3. Germany

Germany football team that may win FIFA

Germans always believe in team work and had work when it comes to playing football. They have an outstanding goal keeper and the best strikers and defense. The fitness of Bayern and Dortmund is adding strength to the German side.

4. Spain

Spain football team that may win FIFA

Spain has been dominating the world of football since the past half decade majorly because of the progress of Barcelona Football Club. However, Spanish players have a style of passing the ball too frequently and critics say that this has been decoded by the other teams. Spain may enter the semi finals but it will be very challenging to enter the finals and win the cup.

5. Argentina

Argentina football team that may win FIFA

Argentina has some of the best players and coaches and is on the verge of winning for the past two decades. They have the legendary Lionel Messi to rely on but the other players will have to put an equal effort. It is yet to be seen if Messi can be the Maradona for Argentina and lift the World Cup in 2014.

6. Portugal

Portugal football team that may win FIFA

Portugal has a good strategy and a lot of hard work. However their players are not of the same class as the other European teams. They have Cristiano Ronaldo but a strong central defense is needed to steer them to victory this summer.

7. Netherlands

Netherlands football team that may win FIFA

Netherlands are favorites because they managed to be in the last World Cup’s final too. This year also if they beat Brazil and Spain they have a strong chance of getting to the finals.

8. England

England football team that may win FIFA

England has some of the very experienced players like Stevie and Lamps and young and energetic players like Wilshere. They have also beaten Brazil in a friendly match and so might be able to make their way up to the finals.

9. Belgium

Belgium football team that may win FIFA

Belgium is a complete team with quality players and good substitutes too. It is one of the youngest teams so they might lack in experience. They have a good defense and may be able to reach finals if they improve their attack.

10. France

France football team that may win FIFa

France has young talents like Pogba and Verane. They are most likely to reach the semi finals.

So which team are you supporting this in this World cup?

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