Top 10 Most Popular Entrepreneurs in Pakistan in 2014

Most Popular Entrepreneurs in Pakistan in 2014People in Pakistan are often blamed to be the citizens of a third world country, however, it is to be admitted that the country has got a lot of talent and there exists a long list of entrepreneurs who have not only made the country proud all over the world, but have also played a vital role in making the country prosper.

Here are 10 most popular and famous entrepreneurs of Pakistan for the year 2014, have a look!

10. Rehan Allahwala

Rehan Allahwala most popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

He is the founder as well as the president of more than fifty volunteers in the entire globe encompassing some countries like United States, Singapore and Dubai. His expertise are developed in the frilled of social media and networking.

09. Abid Beli

Abid Beli popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

He is one of the most famous entrepreneurs of Pakistan and utilizes his limited amount of resources to have a survival in the reason Qable arcades. He is the business development manager at Legenda Education Group and is a cofounder at Moving Ads.

08. Hakim Muhammad Saeed

Hakim Muhammad Saeed popular entrepreneurs in Pakistan

He was a true scholar, an entrepreneur and an intellectual personality of Pakistan and was one of the most amazing persons with a diverse ability of medicine and understanding.

07. Sir Adamjee Dawood

Sir Adamjee Dawood popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

He had been an amazing entrepreneur since he was a teenager and this is why his trading business was established very finely and successfully. He was a participant of Indian politics which was subsidized by humanitarian causes.

06. Agha Hassan Abedi

Agha Hassan Abedi popular entrepreneurs in Pakistan

His name is tantamount with BCCL and UBL because he is one of the factual entrepreneurs of Pakistan like FAST which is now working in collaboration with National University of Computer And Engineering Sciences.

05. Sadruddin Hashwani

Sadruddin Hashwani popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

He started his cotton trading business during 1960 and it is now one of the largest groups in the country which is due to his efforts and skills as an entrepreneur making his trades as assorted as Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, IT and ceramics.

04. Iqbal Qarshi

Iqbal Qarshi popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

His father was the most famous hakim of indo pak subcontinent and did his masters in chemical engineering and due to his exertions his small industry is now the most famous Qarshi Dawakhana of Pakistan.

03. Hanif Rajput

Hanif Rajput popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

His life is all about devotion, commitment and achieving success and due to these skills his catering business has grown to a national level.

02. Shaukat Raza Mirza

Shaukat Raza Mirza popular entrpreneur in Pakistan

He was the managing director of Pakistan State Oil where his abilities were taken very well into use and then the transformation of PSO into a professional corporate occurs.

01. Aftab Tapal

Aftab Tapal popular entrepreneur in Pakistan

His name is most famous when it comes to talking about business in Asia. He has his own ideologies and management styles and uses all his skills to make his family business grow every day.

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