Top 10 Poorest Nations of the World in 2015

Niger-poorest-countries-in-the-world-2014-listOur society is developing and nations are becoming stronger and financially stable but amongst us are countries where people are deprived of even the basic facilities of life such as health, education and shelter .These are the countries which need the attention of the developed countries.

The measure of poverty or wealth of a country is its GDP per capita.

So let’s take a quick look at the 10 poorest nations of the world having the lowest GDPs.



GDP per capita: $ 348

Despite being rich in mineral resources such as gold, silver ,diamond the Republic of Congo is the poorest country of the world. Although Congo has 70% of all the minerals of the world, its people are still deprived of jobs. A proper resource management system is the most important requirement to overcome this problem.



GDP per capita: $ 456

The main causes of poverty in Zimbabwe are the civil wars that have raged in this country frequently. Currently a major part of the infrastructure is destroyed hence damaging the means of earning.

Another contributing factor to this poverty is the short average life expectancy of the people which is 35 years because of death by HIV and AIDS.



GDP per capita: $ 487

Liberia, like Zimbabwe, has been plagued by internal wars and corruption, due to which it has ended up in our list. The poverty has gone to such an extent that 80% of the population lives below $1 per day.



GDP per capita: $600

Nigeria has the most gender discrimination issues and political instabilities due to which the country’s economy has taken many severe blows. Furthermore, the landscape of this country consists of hot sandy dunes which have no hope of cultivation.



GDP per capita: $ 615

The major contributing factor to Burundi’s poverty is the lack of clean drinking water which has plagued the nation with diseases like HIV and AIDS .This, aided by the land locking in this region, has made Burundi the 5th poorest country in the world.

6-Central African Republic:


GDP per capita:$768

Since gaining its independence from France in 1960 it has been a victim of political instability. Three bumbling military dictatorships, a decade of an unruly civilian government and an unstable transitional government formed by a military coup have given this country little chance of any economic development.

Though the country is brimming with natural resources such as gold,diamond,uranium , crude oil and various agricultural products, economic development is not possible without a responsible and stable government.



GDP per capita:$777

This country owns the famous Suez Canal through which thousands of ships pass. Despite this strategic location the nation is poor as it has been ruled by intruders for centuries. Then there are the constant military conflicts which hinder the economy.

8-Sierra Leone:


GDP per capita:$849

Sierra Leone has the largest natural harbor and a gold and diamond industry but the country has suffered a 10 year war and corrupt government which has left its economy damaged and unstable.

The export of diamonds only benefits a small fraction of the population but a major part of the population is deprived of peace and prosperity.



GDP per capita: $860

Although the economic condition of Malawi has improved after the election of President Mutharika the country has still ended up in the list of the poorest countries. The chief reasons being corruption, lack of financial aid as a result of this corruption and the poor health conditions. The recession in Malawi in 2012-13 has also contributed to its poverty.

10- Togo:


GDP per capita: $826

Experiencing ongoing political unrest since gaining independence from France in 1960, Togo is considered to be one of the world’s poorest countries .Although several reform programs had been underway but IMF had encouraged to halt the foreign exchange , hence jeopardizing these programs and disrupting the economy.

The government along with the IMF and World Bank has plans to strengthen the economy by increased privatization, government transparency and help from foreign donors.


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