Top 10 Pakistani Journalists in Pakistan in 2014

journalists in PakistanRegardless of the bad economic situation of Pakistan, the country firmly enjoys a complete freedom when it comes to the freedom of expression and probably because of this very reason, the most popular and easy job to start your career with is Journalism. The country has a long list of News channels and newspapers which are doing pretty well in the promotion of political affairs and helping to let people know about the reality of Pakistani Politics.

Here are 10 of the most popular Pakistani Journalists who are highly followed within the country as well as abroad.

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1) Dr Shahid Masood

Shows: Meray Mutabiq, Views on News

Dr Shahid Masood popular Pakistani journalist

His career in journalism has taken several turns as he has been switching the channels and the medium of expression much frequently. However, his columns are highly appreciated by people who are into politics and want to know all of it.

2) Talat Hussain

Show: Live with Talat

Newspaper written for: News line, daily dawn, Time magazine, Daily time and Daily express.

Talat Hussain popular Pakistani journalist

He is presentable, he is genius, he is mind-blowing. He has hosted many political talk shows and is often seen as a senior analyst on different TV Channels. His write-ups are extremely popular among the youth who love to find the predicted truth.

3)Moeed Pirzada

Shows: Face to Face, Siyasat aur Qanoon, Tonight with Moeed Pirzada

Newspaper worked for: The News International,DAWN, Friday times and Khaleej times.

Moeed Pirzada popular Pakistani journalist

He is multi-talented and this is one of the foremost reasons behind his popularity. Dedicating his life to journalism, he has a lot on his credit to be proud on.

4) Kamran Khan

Shows: Front line, Aaj raat Kamran Khan ke saath.

Newspaper worked for: News International, Herald Tribune, Sunday Times

Kamran Khan top Pakistani journalist

He has introduced a new style of delivery of thought in Journalism and is known for covering those aspects of Pakistani society that are neglected by the people in power.

5)Ansar Abbasi

Newspaper: The News International

Ansar Abbasi top Pakistani journalist

He is one of the prominent writers in journalism and is currently writing columns on ‘ The News International’.

6)Hamid Mir

Show: Capital Talk

Newspaper worked for: Daily Jung, Daily Pakistan, Daily Ausuf

Hamid Mir top Pakistani journalist

He has always maintained to be the most controversial journalist of all times. While half of the Pakistani audience hates him for his favoritism towards Foreign powers, he is still an influential part of journalism and an important part of Daily Jung. A recent assassination attack has further brought him in limelight.

7)Sherry Rehman

Newspaper: The Herald

Sherry Rehman top Pakistani journalist

For her make-ups and for her dressing, for her political influence and at times for her wisdom thoughts, Sherry Rehman enjoys a good readership for her columns.

8)Aftab Iqbal

Shows: Khabarnak ,Hasbehaal

Newspaper:The news International ,Nawaiwaqt

Aftab Iqbal top Pakistani journalist

Aftab has been one of the striving ones in the field and is currently writing for The News Internatinal and Nawae Waqt.

9)Iftikhar Ahmad

Show: Jawab deyh

Newspaper: Daily Pakistan,Daily Aftab and Daily Jung

Iftikhar Ahmed top Pakistani journalist

He is an important part of Daily Pakistan and enjoys a good readership.

10) Javed Chaudhry

Show:Kal tak

Newspaper: EXPRESS

Javed Chaudhry top Pakistani journalist

Gaining much popularity for his political talk show on Express channel, Javed Chaudhry has turned himself into a respectable journalist and is currently seen on his talk show and also writing for Express.

This was a quick list of Pakistani journalists. Who are your following?

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