10 Tips to Buy and Sell products on OLX Pakistan

olxThe internet is increasingly becoming a marketplace, and more and more people are inclined towards online shopping, since its easier and much more convenient. Besides eCommerce and online purchases, a lot of people now prefer to sell their belongings online as well, since that way, they are more globally accessible. Hence, the classifieds culture. Of course, you might have heard of eBay. But for areas where there is no eBay, there is a really great option, OLX. Over here, you can buy or sell almost any kind of product that you can think of, from toys and clothing to bikes and cars. It’s a one-stop-shop for your classifieds, and especially benefits people living in countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. If you want to buy or sell something using OLX, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Tips for selling

1. Consider pricing carefully

Price is what will make or break your customers. Ask a price that is higher than the product’s current worth, but not higher than the price of a brand new such product. If the price is higher than that for a brand new such product, buyers will perfer a brand new item instead. But people on classified sites have a habit of ruthless bargaining, and bringing the price down. So don’t set a too low price so that you may actually go in a loss after all the bargaining.

2. Use pictures!

Always, always use images. The more the better. If I don’t see an image with a classified ad, I’ll move right along without a second glance. So always attach an image of the item. And don’t just pick up a dashing image of your phone or laptop from the internet. It’s much better if you attach a picture taken by your own hand, of your own product.

3. Fill out maximum details

Always try to tell people as much as you can about the product. This serves dual purposes. Not only does it tell potential buyers everything they need to know, it also lets them know that you’re well versed and educated about it, and can properly explain and deal professionally.

4. Accept hard cash only

I think you already know better than to accept payments via electronic means, such as online or wire transfer. So always demand hard cash from customers, because there’s no shortage of fraudsters out there.

5. Share your posting

Social media can accelerate your sales. You never know when someone is looking for an item you’re selling, whether he be a friend of yours, or a friend of a friend. It won’t hurt to share and promote your posting on social media.

6. Meet up publicly

This tip is for buyers as well. Always decide with the buyer/seller to meet in a public place with lots of exposure. This is for the sake of both parties’ security. Meet in a public place such as a coffee shop, a restaurant, a market, or anything with lots of witnesses. That way, both will feel securer, and neither can fraud the other.

Tips for buying

7. Communicate over the phone

Always try to communicate with the seller over the phone. While emails or text messages are good for a start, it’s usually a wise decision to go for a phone call. This tells the seller that you’re really interested. It also lets you know that the seller is real, and not a fake or a hoax. If he avoids phone calls, then he’s definitely one.

8. Remember: It’s not a contract

Don’t let yourself be talked into buying a product from someone. If you don’t like it, you are at full liberty to say a respectful ‘No thank you’ and leave. You’re under no contract, so you can’t be forced into buying something you don’t like.

9. Probe for details

Ask as much details about the item as you can from the seller. This way, you can gauge the level of expertise that person has with the product. Also, you want to know exactly what you’re buying, because buying things like laptops and other such electronics can be complicated. Also, you can bring down the price by pointing out what features the item doesn’t have (but it should, like slower/smaller RAM in a laptop etc).

10. Take someone with you

And finally, take someone with you. It’s not a good idea to go alone. And not just from a security point of view. Two people can bargain better than one, and two people run a lower risk of getting fooled. So meet up in a public place with the seller, and take a friend or family member with you.

Do you have any great tips to share with us regarding classified ads? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below. Cheers 🙂

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  1. I occasionally use olx, but till date I haven’t sold anything on olx so it’s not good website for me, anyways, thanks for the wonderful tips, really appreciate your efforts.


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