Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Applications For Bloggers

iPhoneAs a general rule of thumb, bloggers are usually the kind of people who are tech-savvy, interested in latest gadgets, experimenting with the technologies they have etc. And for many such bloggers, the Smartphone has become the go-to device when it comes to blogging. Smartphones have really revolutionized the way we socialize and communicate with each other. The number of smartphone users has been going up constantly in the last few years. Which naturally means that some prominent giants have emerged (as in any other industry).

Now as you all know, the Apple’s iPhone really introduced the idea of a (really) smart Smartphone. With time, competitors have emerged. But Apple still remain among the top brands when it comes to mobile OS (Operating System). What’s that got to do with bloggers? Well, like I said, bloggers are tech-savvy people. Which means a lot of them own gadgets, and Smartphones. And I am sure many among them posses iPhones.

Now coming to the point, we earlier did a post about the top 5 applications for bloggers. It is only fair that there should be a similar post for those users who have iPhones instead.

1. WordPress for iPhone

WordPress is the most widely used CMS used by bloggers today. With the official WordPress App for iPhone or iPod touch, yu can take your blog in your pocket wherever you want! This app lets you create, edit, draft or publish posts, add images, links etc. Hence, you no longer need to fire up your PC every time you need to post or comment.

WordPress for iPhone

Click to Download WordPress for iPhone

2. Omnifocus

Omnifocus is your real world task manager. It’s basically an enhanced organizer, that lets you organize you tasks, projects, lists etc. For example, if you want to buy some hardware, it will get your GPS location and list all nearby hardware stores. It can also create a shopping list for you.

Omnifocus for iPhone

Click to Download Omnifocus

3. Byline

With Byline, you can read your favourite websites, blogs, and RSS feeds. Simply link them up with your Google Reader account. The great thing about Byline is, it downloads updates when connectivity is available. It then caches that information so that you can read it later at your leisure, whether during train / aeroplane journeys, or simply when there are no Wi-Fi around.

Byline for iPhone

Click here to Download Byline

4. TypePad

This app offers similar features as you get on your computer to write a blog on TypePad, another very popular CMS among bloggers. You can create, edit and publish posts, keep them as drafts, comment on your posts, and notify your friends of new posts that you have written.

TypePad for iPhone

Click to Download TypePad for iPhone

5. Evernote

Evernote is a great app for taking and saving notes, pics, comments, etc. With it, you can jot down any idea that comes to your mind, snap a picture of what you find amusing, etc. You can then organize them into notes, and / or synchronize them with your other devices and on the web. It’s a multi-platform cloud based app, so you can sync up with any other devices running Evernote like Android devices, Windows, etc.

Evernote for iPhone

Click to Download Evernote

6. PayPal

If you told me that you are a blogger and you don’t use PayPal, maybe I won’t believe you! PayPal is essential for bloggers (at least bloggers living areas where it is available). Most of the money most bloggers make, is paid through PayPal. So having this app on your iPhone can be real handy when it comes to making transactions and checking balance.

PayPal for iPhone

Download PayPal here

7. Instapaper

This is another great app for reading stuff offline. It lets you save and manage web pages for later reading. It is also optimized for readability on touch screen. Bloggers frequently need to surf the web, and not everyone has the time to go through all the stuff at a time.

Instapaper for iPhone

Click to Download Instapaper

8. Analytics App

Every blogger needs to check up on his blog’s analytics. And most of the bloggers use Google Analytics for monitoring their progress. After all, Google Analytics is the leading website statistics and analytics provider. With this app, you can check your Google Analytics stats right from your phone! It provides complete analytics information such as unique visitors, page-views, clicks made etc.

Analytics App for iPhone

Click to Download the Analytics App

9. Jott

This is a great app! It’s basically a voice-to-text transcription software that writes down whatever you say speak into the recording interface! You can do whatever you want with that text; forward it in an email, create a to-do note etc. This app is a big time, and effort saver!

Jott for iPhone

Click to get started

10. BlogPress

BlogPress is a fast, and efficient way of dealing with multiple blogs at once. You can manage posts on more than one blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad etc. It integrates other social media streams as well like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. So you can stay connected with your entire online community. You also have the option of posting one message or post on multiple platforms.

BlogPress for iPhone

Click here to Download BlogPress

That’s our top 10 list. Any suggestions from your side are welcome. And do leave your comments below! Cheers 🙂

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