Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in The World in 2012

top 10 most expensive Hotels in the world 2012Travelling is itself an exciting experience we always remember throughout our lives. While I was searching for some good motels in Saudi Arab for my visit, that I will be leaving for, this week, I thought of sharing the top 10 most expensive hotels in the world. How interesting it would sound to you that these Hotels charge as much as, for one night, in which you can travel around the world in 80 days!

Have A Look!

10. Royal Towers Bridge Suite, Atlantis

Per Night: $ 25,000

Country: Bahamas


On number 10, itโ€™s Atlantis in Bahamas. The Hotel can be considered as the most luxury one in the entire Bahamas. The suites are based on 10 rooms, highly furnished with gold as the sofas and the cushions can be seen. The floors of these suites are specially designed with the combination of 4 different kinds of marbles, further giving it a royal look.


9. Ritz-Carlton Suite, Ritz-Carlton

Per Night: $ 26,300

Country: Tokyo


It was expected to have Japan being included in the list. Holding a universal importance, Ritz-Carlton Hotel earns most because of its name. The suites are highly comfortable with Frette linen sheets, an oversized marble bathroom, huge beds, flat-screen TVs and individual rain shower booths.


8. Villa La Cupola Suite, Westin Excelsior

Per Night: $ 30,000

Country: Rome


Rome is undoubtedly an important city which can be considered for the royal outlook. The suites of this hotel are made up of rich marbles, with extensive use of glass and delicate materials. The suite has its specialty in large terraces with a breath taking view. Some added features are a private spa with sauna, whirlpool and steam bath, as well as private cinema.


7. Presidential Suite, Hotel Cala di Volpe Sardinia

Per Night: $ 32,736

Country: Italy


One of the best looking suites of the world, this presidential suite consists of three luxury bedrooms with an own pool on the private roof terrace, along with a wine cellar and outdoor gym.


6. The Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi

Per Night: $ 34,356

Country: Athens


Athens is an extra ordinarily beautiful place and is known for having a high rate of tourism. There are several luxury hotels for stay that are comparatively cheaper than this one, but booking a suite in Royal Villa is a must live demand for the tourists who can well afford the high rates per night. Every suite has it private pool, a butler, a private chef and pianist. The hotel itself offers a variety of facilities like outdoor heated pool, gym, steam bath and a massage room.


5. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Resort

Per Night: $ 35,487

Country: Las Vegas


Las Vegas, a place where I really want to go for vacations, is certainly a beautiful place to land in. The Hotel, Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, is known as the best hotel throughout the country. Two bedroom suites with a huge, rotating circular bed and an indoor pool, huge bathtub, bar and poker table and an indoor waterfall charges 36,000 Dollars for a night.


4. Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martinez

Per Night: $ 37,500

Country: France


Hotel Martinez in France offers suites with a sitting room, dining room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms with hammam, shower, spa bath, dressing room and sauna. Not only this, but the visitors can always enjoy music at piano bar and the beautiful, eye-catching view at a private beach.

3. Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, Four Seasons Hotel

Per Night: $ 41,836

Country: New York


This Nine room based suite offers a 360-degree view of the Manhattan. The added features of this heavenly place are an indoor-outdoor Zen garden, a stupendous chandelier, the services of a personal butler, personal trainer/therapist and private chauffeur.


2. The Presidential Suite, The Raj Palace Hotel

Per Night: $ 45,000

Country: India


The biggest and most expensive suite in the entire Asia is situated in, none other than, the Country of the Royals, India. Located in the city Jaipur, the raj palace hotel comprises of suites consisting of four-floor apartment lavishly decorated in gold leaf, stucco, ivory and mirror work with a private roof terrace and swimming pool offering panoramic . The Suites have their own private museum.

1. Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

Per Night: $ 65,000

Country: Geneva


The Hotel is truly the place or rather a palace for the entire Mr. President Type category that spend billions of dollars on security. The Suite of this Hotel is made up of bulletproof doors and windows. The suites take the entire floor of the hotel and have a capacity offering 12 rooms within it. What else?


Living in places like the above stated ones, is obviously a dream for people like you and me , however, nothing is impossible and once you learn how to earn, there are all possibilities that soon you might book a suite for yourself to have lovely-yet-expensive vacations!

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