Top 10 Fuel Efficient Cars Used in Pakistan

Best Fuel Consumption CarsPlanning to get your hands on the most fuel efficient cars in Pakistan, yet not able to find one? Here comes the solution. The selection of vehicle depending on the usage is highly related with the fuel consumption or the mileage given by the vehicle. The fluctuating prices of different fuels with time makes the customer look for the most efficient one in regard with fuel saving and effectiveness. Pakistan is also going with the flow when it comes to the world of technology. Its automotive industry has improved a lot in the recent years.

Here is a list of ten most fuel efficient cars in Pakistan:

10. Suzuki Swift – Fuel Efficient Car

 suzuki swift Fuel Efficient Cars

Suzuki swift which comes in three variants including Swift DX, Swift DLX and Swift Auto also comes in the list of fuel efficient cars used in Pakistan. Apart from its appealing exterior and interior(sporty), its fuel consumption is around 5.5 to 6 liters per 100 kilometers.

9. Toyota Vitz

Powered by 1.5L inline four cylinder, Toyota has a relatively low fuel consumption to come to this list. it is a widely used car in Pakistan for its vibrant colors and appearance. The fuel consumption is 9.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

8. Mehran

Mehran fuel consumtption cars

Suzuki Mehran is one of the most economical and less expensive cars used in Pakistan. Coming to its low cost and low maintenance, it is the most commonly used cars in Pakistan. This 800cc car comes up with a very efficient fuel consumption conditions which is about 10 km/liter. Consuming less fuel and being a light weighed car, it provides better mileage to the drive within the city.

7. Nissan Mocco

Nissan mocco

Available in both 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive, it is a Japanese car with a 660cc engine which is widely used in Pakistan for its effective fuel consumption. It has an RO6A engine and a fuel consumption equal to 13 kilometers per liter.

6. Toyota Corolla

toyota corolla fuel

Here comes the most popular and the most favorite cars of all time. Its none other than Toyota Corolla with a lot of features and fan following. It has got a 6 speed manual transmission system which gives it an efficient drive. This world class beauty has got a fuel consumption values of about 12 kilometers per liter.

5. Honda City Hybrid

honda city hybrid fuel consumption

Apart from the sophistication in the design of the car, Honda city is also a fuel saving car used in Pakistan. With a 1.3l engine and a power upto 60 mph per 10 seconds, this car consumes 16 kilometer per liter. It is widely used in Pakistan although its expensive but the drive it gives with the fuel effectiveness makes it the first choice of the consumer.

4. Honda Civic Hybrid

honda civic hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid is another hybrid car using this technology to the full. It possesses a number of amazing features and a 5 speed manual transmission. It has been going common in Paistan with a fuel effectiveness of 18 kilometer per liter.

3. Toyota Prius

toyota prius fuel

Toyota Prius is all about class. It is also a part of luxury cars list in Pakistan but makes the travel worth it. Besides its amazing features, it has a 1.8L power engine and runs on 134 horsepower. The fuel consumption of this car is 26 kilometer per liter.

2. Toyota Aqua

toyota aqua consumption

Toyota Aqua, developed in Japan has recently launched as a fuel efficient car and used in Pakistan at an average basis. It is gasoline-electric compact hybrid with a fuel consumption of 35.4 kilometer per liter.

Chevrolet Spark EV

 chevrolet spark ev fuel

On the top of the list we have Chevrolet Spark EV for its phenomenal fuel consumption. It come to the category of luxury cars in Pakistan and is very expensive. Its 1 speed automatic transmission system, antilock brakes and automatic air conditioning is some key features. Its fuel consumption is 48 kilometer per liter.

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