Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in Singapore in 2014

Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in Singapore in 2014Singapore is a great place to start a business in.With the endless beauty and comfortable climate, it is one of the rare places on earth where women are given a complete liberty to lead their lives according to their wish and bring their talent a new success path. We have always cherished the women power and here we are again with the top 10 female entrepreneurs in Singapore in 2014.

Yenn Wong

Current position: Mastermind behind the award-winning JIA, Hong Kong’s first boutique hotel.

Age: 42

Yenn Wong Singaporian Entrepreneur

It is because of her that some of the trendiest hotels and restaurants have been brought into view among which her own JIA boutique hotels and restaurants are the most famous collection of residential styles hotels.

Dr. Jannie Tay

Current position: Singaporean entrepreneur and president of the Singapore Retailers Association and the ASEAN Business Forum

Age: 55

Dr. Jannie Tay Singaporian Entrepreneur

In all her cases of ownership at any business she has always been the first women to hold the designation and being a BSc in physiology she is also the cofounder of The Hour Glass.

Elim Chew

Current position: Founder of the street wear brand, 77th Street.

Age: 49

Elim Chew Singaporian Entrepreneur

In addition to being into the retailing business she is using her experiences and her expertise into many of the young organizations working on a large scale in Singapore.

Jean Yip

Current position: Owner of Jean Yip Salon Pte Ltd

Age: 42

Jean Yip Singaporian Entrepreneur

She started out in 1982 and the kind of a leader she is, it had always been her dream and it is now because of this, that she has more than 60 sliming and beauty salons working in alliance.

Nanz Chong-Komo

Current position: Model, a successful businesswoman and a best-selling author

Age: 35

Nanz Chong-Komo Singaporian Entrepreneur

Spaced out from being the cofounder of the Nanz, she is also the novelist of best-seller, ‘One Business 99 Lessons’.

Irene Ang

Current position: Owner of FLY Entertainment Pte Ltd

Age: 45

Irene Ang Singaporian Entrepreneur

She has been nominated many times for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and honoree of Spirit of Enterprise and is among the most powerful businesswomen in the world according to the surveys done in 2008.

Anisa Hassan

Current position: Founder and managing director of It?s Just Lunch

Age: 45

Anisa Hassan Singaporian Entrepreneur

Her name positions towering when it comes to relationships, dating and entrepreneurship making her an award winning business omen of the world and a transnationally proficient trainer.

Claire Chiang

Current position: Owner of Banyan Tree Holdings Ltd

Age: 64

Claire Chiang Singaporian Entrepreneur

She is not just a social activist but she is also an author and a very famous entrepreneur and has also been a former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).

Rina Neoh

Current position: Owner of Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd

Age: 32

Rina Neoh Singaporian Entrepreneur

She started her own business at the age of 22 and since then she is setting records for having multi million contract landslides making her a technically trained investment astute.

Annie Yap

Current position: Group MD of AYP Asia Group

Age: 42

 Annie Yap Singaporian Entrepreneur

She is among the most dynamic, young and prominent leaders which are currently working in Singapore which is why she is the winner of the Leading CEO Award at the Singapore Human Resources Institute.

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