Top 10 Most Famous Designers in 2013

Famous fashion designersFashion industry is progressing every second, introducing new trends and  ideas which are highly been followed by people all over the world. We have been sharing all about the fashion industry lately and here we are again with the top 10 most famous designers in 2013. Have a look!

1)YVES Saint Laurent

YVES Saint Laurent

A young enthusiastic boy, whose merit in a contest for young fashion designers speaks for his creativity and excellence. Starting from creativity all the way to designing has landed him as a director at DIOR at the age of 21. He is a legend known for his exclusive trapeze dress, safari jackets, beatnik look, tight pants and of course the thigh high boots. He own YSL, a statement in itself, and the man behind the creation is the men who had given fashion its position to this modern day.

2)Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Began working as a window dresser and later went on to the menswear section as a seller inspired him to step up as a one man army working his way through as a fashion designer and building the name of Armani up his sleeves. He made a difference in the fashion world with not only his vision but with his skills and ideas in marketing proved to be the healthiest way of promoting his brand.

3)Christian Dior

christian dior

A name one has to have to live in the fashion world. Dior is the culture, fashion, art and creativity that brings out the legend in every true sense of work since 1940. His creations were bent on being more voluptuous than being in accordance with the theme style of being boxy.

4)Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani

He always has an idea to produce something that what you called irresistible from anything he has. He owns a legendary band that speaks of being classy and why it shouldn’t be when he did a lot to make it such an appealing brand in front of the world. He left his final mark before retiring in 2008 by presenting his spring/summer 2008 ready to wear show in Paris, supported by many fabulous and famous models of the time.

5)Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

The label that does not need an introduction as it is highly popular and ultimate dream of every woman with its elegance and unique designs, even after her death the brand retains its originality and stays in the list of the world’s favorite. She always considered comfort while creating her dresses with the perfect elements of style and revolution and to become a lady from just a girl, one transform her design sense and plunges deep into the inspirations Chanel has to offer. The invention of little black dresses is still a reason for millions to turn a head.

6)Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

While working in the field of Public Relation for her brother, she realized that she has a distinctive sense of fashion so on the way she found the line of career in being the icon of fashion designing who inspired every woman on earth. She launched her own fragrance with her name exclusively for women moving on with capturing any fashion accessories she encountered.

7)Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

The man casually found in the richest list of Forbes as the most richest fashion designer, is not just a man with money, but is a visionary designer who can sense fashion beyond the ability of any person. 1972 was the year when he showcased his collection, was the biggest hit of that time. His women’s lines produced in the cut of men’s suits together with extensive men’s wear, somehow portrays the equality between the two sexes, in his own words.

8)Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

In 1968, a personality created a difference with all his coat shop, high hopes and lots of knowledge in the arts, and that is none other than Klein. From sportswear to his irresistible women’s collection and extended creativity with underwear for men.

9)Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

The most popular and one of the most expensive accessory American fashion designer is well known for his famous brand Louis Vuitton, eminent for its leather products and ready to wear accessories. Out of his creative suitcase of brands, also include Marc Jacobs and Marc. His brand has a valuation of USD $25.9 billion.

10)Tom Fords

Tom Ford- the fahion designer

It’s not just about a single label that he is putting into all blends of creativity to make it better , he owns many popular labels which are equally good and leaves you in confusion that what to drop. He is a creative director of Cathy Hardwick, Gucci and Perri Hills. The American designer who was nominated by the Guardians as among the “50 best dressed over 50’s”, is the man who put back the glamour that was deficient from the fashion world. With all his blooming ideas of car finish metallic boots and satin shirts he is now the owner of his line that consist of eye wears, beauty lines and extremely fashionable one kind of clothes.

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