Top 10 Facebook Applications Webmasters Will Find Useful!

top 10 Facebook apps for webmastersThe reason Facebook is such a large social network with over 901 million users is, it is a social network for all. Whether people simply want to stay connected with their friends and family, or want to promote their business, service or product, or are looking for professional help and other great tips, Facebook has it all! Its aim is to engage the maximum type of audiences, so that no one feels left out. Facebook is especially useful to webmasters, as is any major social network. Here are the 10 top Facebook apps webmasters will benefit from. These are good apps that will help your productivity.

1. Static HTML/FBML

Static HTML and FBML boxes allow you to add additional functionality to your Facebook page, such as widgets, much like inserting a widget code in your blog. With these, you can transform your Facebook page into a mini website, with small widgets and plugins. These boxes can really extend the functionalities of a normal Facebook page.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another very large social media and is accountable for bringing a lot of traffic to websites.. With this Twitter app for Facebook, you can integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts together, so you can post your Twitter feeds on your Facebook pages. The selective feeds options enables you to publish only those feeds that you add an fb hashtag to (#fb).

3. Poll

This is one of the best polling application on Facebook. Polls allow you to ask questions from your customers and audience, get feedback, suggestions,opinions, and more. It is one of the best ways to communicate with them, since it only takes one click to vote.

4. Promotions

Quite simply, promotions is an app that helps companies and businesses start a marketing promotional campaign for their products, with just a few mouse clicks.

5. SlideShare

SlideShare is the world’s largest platform when it comes to sharing presentation slides and documents. This app allows you to easily share promotional slides with users, or documents with product information etc. You can upload word documents and ppt files as pdf documents.

6. Constant Contact

This great app keeps your users alerted of any updates from your side via email. Set up this app, and any users who might be using it can easily get email notifications from your page.

7. YouTube

YouTube is the largest video hosting website. They have a Facebook app as well. Once you install it, you will see a new tab for YouTube, which makes it easier for you to promote videos from your own channel.

8. RSS Graffiti

This app allows you to add an RSS feed to your Facebook page. It can read almost any feed, including Twitter. So you can automate the process of sharing your blog posts every day.

9. Networked Blogs

A great tool for webmasters to promote their blogs and find other blogs according to category etc.

10. Coupons

Add coupons to your fan page for your fans to use for purchasing products or services. Track with special coupon codes just for Facebook fans and remind customers to provide a review of your company on the Reviews tab you just added.

There goes our list of the top 10 Facebook apps for webmasters. If you have questions, then do let us know. And also, feel free to suggest more great Facebook apps that could help. Cheers 🙂

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