Top 10 Extraordinary People With Disabilities

extraordinary people with disablilityPhysical injuries or disabilities seem to place a full stop in life but we have some great examples who, despite of having an imperfect life earned much of fame, respect and recognition which they earned through their dedication and positivity towards life. The true meaning of a life is to explore the capabilities one is born with and once he identifies his true potential, any disability can hardly be a hurdle in the way to success!

Here are 10 extraordinary people with disabilities you know for their work!

Have a look!

1)Hellen Keller- (June 1880 – June 1968)

Disability: Blind and deaf

Extraordinary Capability: Lecturer, Author

Hellen Keller

The teacher has always been the reason to break the isolation and open the world to you, the same happened with Keller when her teacher Annie Sullivan bridge the gap of language and allow the girl to blossom. Keller was the first blind and deaf person to earn a bachelor’s degree. She used to communicate by spelling words into her hands. Keller and her teacher travelled to over 39 countries, had campaigned for women’s and worker’s rights.

2)Stephen Hawking

Disability: Motor Neuron Disease

Extraordinary Capability: Author

Stephen Hawking

Hawking radiation which you might know as black hole radiations and gravitational singularity theorems are a few of the finest explanations he presented to the world. He was the first man to explain cosmology by union of the general theory of relativity and Quantum mechanics. He was the Director and at reasear cosmology at the University of Cambridge, who had world renowned scientific career spans over 40 years. He lost his balance and fell down and got his head bank hard, worried that he will lose his genius he had a test and there he came to know about his disease. Soon after that each part of his body started to get paralyzed and by 2009 he was completely paralyzed.

3)Jean Dominique Bauby (April, 1952 – March, 1997)

Disability: Locked-in-Syndrome

Extraordinary Capability: Author, Editor, Journalist

Jean Dominique Abuby

When you are aware and awake but can’t say a word nor move a hand or walk except blinking eyes, thinking about writing and editing looks completely impossible. But Jean forced himself to do it differently even when he woke up from coma preceding a heart attack. Just by blinking his left eye over alphabets he wrote the book ‘The diving bell’ and ‘The Butterfly’ and right after the release of his books he died.

4)John Nash

Disability: Schizophrenia

Extraordinary Capability: Mathematician

John Nash

Schizophrenia is not something easy to tackle, because you always feel insecure, worried, being killed by anyone and always wondering someone is chasing you. It’s basically a problem when you can’t think about anything else except being dead and you could imagine it’s definitely an extraordinary gift that did the groundbreaking work in partial differentiation, differential geometry and game theory, which is in no way easy to do if you know about it. He had received many awards and recognitions such as John von Neumann Theory Prize (1978) and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

5)Christy Brown (June 1932- September 1981)

Disability: Cerebral palsy

Extraordinary Capability: Painter, Author and Poet

Christy Brown

The man who can’t speech, can’t even do deliberate movements for years, who was considered to be the intellectually disable turned out to the one of the greatest painters, authors and poets of 19th century writing with his toes of one foot. At the age of five, for the first time he moved to write and that was with his left foot, since then he has done most of his work with his foot, and even famous for his autobiography “My Left Foot’.

6)Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954)

Disability: Polio

Extraordinary Capability: Painter

Frida Kahlo

The women whose painting reflect the pain and sorrow of loneliness. She was the first Mexican artist whose paintings was admired and kept in International Museum. She mainly uses the world’s most vibrant colors to express the emotions of being sad forever. She had spina bifida, a congenital disease and polio when she was just five, she spent much of her life visiting hospitals.

7)Ludwig van Beethoven

Disability: Deaf

Extraordinary Capability: Composer

Stieler, Joseph Karl: Beethoven mit der Missa solemnis Ölgemälde, 1819

The man with the brilliant improvisations and compositions is the world’s best composer. He started to play piano when he was eight and by his mid twenties he earned himself the titles of the great pianist. By the age of 26 he began loosing his hearing abilities due to illness, but his passion has forced him to get immersed in the music and even after the insurmountable obstacle, he created some of the greatest work of music. Among his exceptionally finest works, 9th Symphony, the Late Quartets, the 5th piano Concerto is the legendary melodies the ear could ever hear.

8)Vincent Van Gogh

Disability: Mentally retarded

Extraordinary Capability: Painter

Vincent Van Gogh

The Dutch Painter whose bold colors, rough beauty, emotional honesty has contributed a lot to the modern art. He was one of the greatest artists the world could remember, dedicating his over 900 paintings and 1100 drawing to the emotional honesty. Even today some of his paintings worth more than millions. He was the one to create Portrait of Doctor Gachet which was sold for $82.5 million. He shot himself to death with the last words, “the sadness will last forever”.

9)Marla Runyan

Disability: Blind

Extraordinary Capability: Athlete

Marla Runyan

The woman who lost her vision when she was nine due to Stargardt’s Disease is the five times Gold medalist, holds a world record in High Jump, Long Jump, 100- 1500 m races. She is the only American women to finish the Marathon in 2 hours 27 minutes and 10 seconds at New York Marathon in 2002. She is three time national champion in women’s 5000 meters and holds a master’s degree. She holds various American records like All-female Marathon (2002), Heptathlon (1996).

10)Sudha Chandran

Disability: Amputee

Extraordinary Capability: Dancer

Sudha Chandran

Sudhan Chandran belongs to Chennai, South India but for graduation she went to Mumbai. On her way home to Chennai she had an accident, resulting in the amputation of her right leg. The accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, dancing with her one artificial leg, became a highly acclaimed dancer once she performed in Europe, Canada and Middle East. She has received many awards and today is also a well known actress and inspiration to many disables.


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