Top 10 Expensive Luxury Yachts of the Super Rich

10 Expensive Luxury YachtsJust like children, men like to buy, and play with their favourite toys. Some buy fancy cars and bikes, whereas others buy expensive homes with pools, gyms, home cinemas, and more. Some like flying their private jets while others take to the ocean for leisure cruises. Featured in this post is a collection of some of the most expensive and luxurious yachts owner by those who have a lot of money to spend, and apparently a lot of time to waste as well. Some of these people are world renowned celebrities, whom the fans love to follow. So check out the top 10 most expensive luxury yachts of the uber-rich celebrities from around the world!

1. Eclipse Yacht

Eclipse yacht

  • Owner: Roman Abrahamovich
  • Price: $ 350 million

Roman Abrahamovich has been known for his ostentatious lifestyle, and it doesn’t come as surprise that he owns the world’s most expensive private owned yacht, named Eclipse. Purchased at the time of recession, this mega- yacht broke all previous records for its size and prize. Built over a 2 year period this 558 foot water-giant, boasts of a pool with Havana bars around, 2 helipads, 20 water jets, a cinema, library, and a 5000 sq ft master suite. Taking care of everyone’s safety in case of an underwater attack, a missile detection system has also been incorporated, along with an underwater entrance- cum-exit, in case of emergency situations. Also, there are a total of 9 decks which have their entry-cum-exit points, making this the safest yacht built

2. Dubai Yacht

dubai yacht

  • Owner: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
  • Price: $ 300 Million

Once dubbed as the largest and most expensive mega yacht, this boat is owned by Shiekh Maktoum who commissioned the project in 2001, and had the boat delivered to him in2006. Amenties on board include the spacious formal dining area, glass covered staircase connecting the VIP suites and guest rooms, elevators for multiple floors, and saloons, apart from a helipad. Since this luxury yacht remains largely in the region of the Gulf, majority of the area is enclosed, with air- conditioning systems to protect guests from the warm weather

3. Dilbar Yacht

dilbar yacht

  • Owner: Alishar Usmanov
  • Price: $ 263 million

Owned by Russian steel-magnate Alishar Usmanov, this yacht was built in 2005, and named after his mother. This 361 foot giant, was designed by designer pair Lurrson and Tim Haywood, and has the capacity to accommodate a total of 20 guests and 47 members of staff. Amenities on offer are private Jacuzzi, swimming pool and a helipad for those who need to the aerial route for travelling. The luxury boat is known to be cruising at a speed of 18.4 knots and the top speed is in the region 21 knots. The specialty of its engine includes a dual propelling system for diesel, and its exhaust has special filters to keep out water impurities.

4. Rising Sun Yacht

Rising Sun Yacht

  • Owner: David Geffen
  • Price: $ 200 million

Once owned by Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, this mega-yacht is currently one of David Geffen’s assets. This vessel is 453 feet long and has the capacity to accommodate16 guests, exclusive of the members of the staff. With a total of 8000 sq ft of available space, this luxury yacht has a basketball court on the deck, which converts into a functional helipad, a wine cellar, swimming pool, and cinema hall, and also space for a submarine, in case passengers need to take an emergency exit from the vessel. It has also been noted that this vessel takes an average of $13 million a year, just to maintain and keep it in perfect shape

5. Octopus Yacht

octopus yacht

  • Owner: Paul Allen
  • Price: approx. $ 200 million

Paul Allen is popularly known worldwide, as one of the co-founders of software giant, Microsoft. But is other interests also include sailing, and hence he acquired this asset. Known as one of the largest mega-yachts in the world, this yacht is a total of 414 feet long. This luxury boat has the capability of being underwater of 2 weeks continuously, and is also equipped with a submarine which can take in 10 people, for emergency situations. Other amenities include 2 helipads, swimming pool, and also 7 boats.

6. Amevi Yacht

Amevi Yacht

  • Owner: Laxmi Mittal

Indian Steel magnate, Laxmi Niwas Mittal owns several notable assets and one of them if the Amevi yacht, which also happens to be one of the most expensive, chartered yachts. It has the distinction of having on board celebrities like Jennifer Lopez in 2010, when Laxmi Mittal hosted a dinner for her after the Cannes Film Festival. Setting this vessel in its niche category is the state-of-the-art Rolls Royce retractable stabilizer which is the primary reason for comfort and stability of the luxury boat. Apart from this, the yacht also has a massage room, indoor cinema, gymnasium, swimming pool and a hairdressing salon. It canalso house a total of 16 guests and 22 staff members in full capacity.

7. Al Said Yacht

al said yacht

  • Owner: Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said
  • Price: $ 109 million

Truly created for the royal elite, the Al Said mega- yacht has an appeal for its royal design& structure. Built in 2007, this yacht was made by Lurssen Yachts and the designing was done by Jonathan Quinn Barret. This luxury boat has the capability of housing 65 guests, and 140 members of the staff, who could witness a live performance of an orchestra comprising of 50 members! Since, this vessel belongs to royalty, the usual guest list is amongst the who is who of the Gulf region, who have to arrive at the yacht with the help of helicopters.

8. Abdul Aziz Yacht

Abdul Aziz Yacht

  • Owner: Abdullah bin Abdul- Aziz Al Saud
  • Price: $ 73 million

As the name suggests, this sea monster is owned by King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, and was bought at a time when he was a crown prince of the royal family. Built in 1984, this vessel was created in the port of Helsingor Vaerft, and has been graced by many royal visits on board. A true mega-yacht, this luxury boat has the capacity to take in 22 guests and 14 members of staff, who are trained specifically to treat the guests royally. The maximum speed of the boat remains at 22 knots and its cruising speed is 21.8 knots. Other amenities include private Jacuzzi, multi-cuisine restaurant, and the décor which resembles the historic ill-fated passenger ship, the Titanic.

9. Tian Yacht

tian yacht

  • Owner: Anil Ambani
  • Price: approx $ 80 million

This luxury yacht has been in the news for legal reasons, but has been bestowed willluxuries all-round. Owned by industrialist Anil Ambani (Reliance Industries), this luxury boat was given as gift to his wife, and is also nicknamed ‘Rolls Royce on waters’ for its interior décor and design. As a matter of fact, the name of this boat comes from the first 2 alphabets from the names of Anil Ambani and his wife Tina! Amenities aboard include a classical formal dining area and 5 cabins occupying 2 berths each, and 6 pristine bathrooms.

10. Indian Empress Yacht

Indian Empress yacht

  • Owner: Dr. Vijay Mallaya

Dr.Vijay Mallaya has been noted for his lifestyle and collection of fine toys, and theIndian Empress is one of them. This 311 foot water giant has several luxuries on board which include a Jacuzzi, sea scooters and water sport equipment,extensive dining area, sun-bathing area, satellite television and wi-fi. The engines are capable of taking the boat to a speed of 24 knots at maximum, and the power generation capacity is 15000 HP. The main areas for its cruises are the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.