Top 10 Countries with Most Facebook Users in 2013

facebook users 2013Facebook is no doubt, the most visited online platform and the fact remains pretty same for all the countries that exist on earth. It is certainly exciting to know that out of so many countries in the world, the below stated 10 countries contribute the largest in the revenue generation of Facebook by providing maximum number of facebook users in 2013!

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1)United States

Facebook users: 165 million

United States

One of the leading powers of tomorrow is always looking for social networking platforms to engage and Facebook has gone beyond expectations. There are over millions of fans especially from the age group of 18- 34 and most of them are female. It has been reported that Facebook is now loosing million of users because the people have done enough logging but still millions of them are engage because big malls like walmart, target,, subway, starbucks etc all stay connected via Facebook.


Facebook users: 65.6 million


Where U.S. is loosing many users, India and Brazil are adding the new comers. Brazil has added more than 2.4 million new logins within the last month. The largest country with largest population has helped the largest social networking site to increase its monthly logins. Still the users are rapidly growing with ultimate upgrades in mobile applications.


Facebook users: 62.6 million


Famously known as ‘The Hexagon’ is the largest country in Western Europe, sheltering total of 65 million people and out of those 62 million people spent over 2 billion hours online a year. Facebook is the leading site in France in terms of engagement with over 32.5 million unique visitors spending 165.5 million hours on the site during the month.


Facebook users: 62 million


Over the few years Brazil and India have been battling for silver over the bases of Facebook users but recently Brazil has been winning and maintaining the position over the top of India. Last month around 1.79 million users were added to the circle. Though India’s population is six times more than Brazil, so we need to remember they are still in the game.


Facebook users: 48.8 million

Indonesia flag

Though they have huge population, but it is estimated that everyone out of five Indonesian uses Facebook actively and login on monthly basis. There are still millions of potential users ready to login early.


Facebook users: 40 million


Facebook is currently dominating the social landscape in Mexico with a population totaling 115 million has total over 40 million fans login on daily basis spending around 5 hours a day online. It has been suggested that there will be a 3% increase in total users of Facebook, login by 2014. The number of Facebook users has shot up by 5.7 million in the last six months alone

7)United Kingdom

Facebook users: 33 million


Where Facebook has gone 1.11 billion users, the number of accounts held in the UK has reached half of the population of the country. Four million new users have been added to the list of Facebook users and have landed the country at 7th position in the list. UK has the second highest proportion of social networkers in Europe and almost half of adults use Facebook.


Facebook users: 32.3 million


With total of 76.8 million people living in Turkey there are over 30 million login everyday that makes roughly to 3.5% of population of turkey using Facebook. Turkey is one of the largest for social network media networking as the number of online population has exceeded to 85 % so there is still a possibility for a country to do incredibly well in terms of Facebook country population.


Facebook users: 30.2 million


Here what’s most interesting thing is, everyday there are naïve users. It is estimated that everyone out of three inhabitants of this country is on Facebook. They will definitely continues to be a Facebook country as the users from Philippines are the most active in Asia, spending hours on news feeds, posting status or updates.


Facebook users: 25.2 million


Here people are more interested into MySpace and twitter but Not to worry you will definitely Facebook too. There is everyone out of three uses Facebook, and it is estimated there are still jumping onto Facebook, calling it an addiction.

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