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Best Alternatives to lyndaThe world is going through a time where every single thing has been transferred from manual to computer. It has been a most common practice of online or e-learning enabling students to become expert in their respective fields that too with the convenience of being at home. There are many websites providing online courses hitting about all the fields including, sciences, IT, development, marketing, academics and a lot more. is one of them with a wide variety of courses. It is a big name in this field and requires subscription for its video tutorials for its subscribers. But Lynda has now got its competitors and alternatives which include:

1.    Codecademy

codecademy lynda alternative

One of the best alternatives to Lynda is Codeacademy which is considered to be a beginner’s key to programming. It keeps the beginners calm and make them start from the easiest and gradually move towards the complex coding. It offers classes online classes in more than 11 different languages.

2.    Coursera

Coursera lynda alternative

Coursera has made a big name whenever it comes to e-learning platforms. It is popular for its affiliation with different top institutes like Stanford, Yale and Princeton. It is a platform that lets you have a convenient and most organized way to learn with practice exercises and doing self-assessments.

3.    Udemy


This alternative to Lynda is an expensive one in the market. It provides the teaching and learning creative courses like data sciences, marketing and designing. It has been a famous platform for it has got around 4000 courses with over 11 million students subscribed on it.

4.    W3schools

w3schools lynda

Yet another alternative to in regard with the web development and technology is W3schools. It provides basic and expert learning to all the stages of learner and has an online editor where coding can be done. It teaches languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Squery and others.

5.    Edx

 edx lynda

Edx is an amazing website created my MIT to provide free online courses from top universities and educational organizations like MIT, Harvard, Berkley and others. It has got the users upto 5 million as of 2016.

6.    Khanacademy


With a specialization in teaching through miniature videos, Khanacademy is an online non-profit market that serves best to e-learning. It mainly touches the conventional academic subjects and courses including science, maths, humanities etc.

7.    Udacity


If its about e-learning in the field of technology, udacity can be the best alternative to Lynda since it is all about technology. With a reliable cost, Udacity provides best of online courses which also include lectures from market leaders of companies like Google and facebook.

8.    Treehouse


Treehouse is another big name in the field of web development and technology. It is famous for its expert teachers in the field of web design, mobile and game development and web development. Apart from learning, treehouse provides an option of interactive quizzes and code challenges for its users.

9.    Pluralsight

 Pluralsight lynda

If you have to learn all the updated versions of programming languages and technology, Pluralsight gives you the best platform. The experts from the present industry create the courses in order to provide the learners the best and to sharpen their programming skills in accordance with the current market requirements.

10.Microsoft Virtual Academy

 Microsoft virtual academy

To make the amateurs specialize in their firlds of IT, development and data sciences, Microsoft has opened its own online platform named as Microsoft Virtual Academy. You can have an expertise at Microsoft technologies with this platform.

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