Tom Cruise Disclosed Reason Behind the Break up with Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise Disclosed Reason Behind the Break up with Katie HolmesOn their first trip to honeymoon he covered her entire hotel room with blossoms and rose petals and showered her with Jewels and designer clothes. Soon after the dreaming moment she said, “It just felt like I’d known him forever, I was blown away. He is so generous, kind and the most incredible man who helps so many people, and he makes me laugh like I’ve never laughed, and he is great friend… Tom and I will always be in our honeymoon phase, Tom is the most incredible man in the world”, and here Tom was jumping on the couches and saying you should be unabashed about it when you find that woman. So What could possibly have gone wrong for the dream golden couple who were madly in love that Katie divorced him?

Here is a detailed report been released by Cruise lately!

Recap of Life

The story began back in the Rome in April 2005 where just an introduction in a business meeting landed a devoted fan to the most famous girlfriend in the world and a date of Tom Cruise to the David di Donatella Awards. Soon after he confessed that only Katie could keep up with him after introducing her to one of his passions- motor bikes. She totally swept off her feet at glitzy premiers when even after every second snaps by press Tom kissed her openly in the premiere.

the fan turning into a famous girlfriend

Few weeks later, came his infamous appearance in Oprah Winfrey’s talk show where he was gone all crazy and confessing, “I’m in love, I can’t be cool I can’t be laid back, It’s something has happened and I feel like I want to celebrate it, I want to celebrate her, she is very special women” and this is definitely for Katie though he once squired with three gorgeous women in his life. By June his special woman was relish with five carat oval diamond and words of marriage- presented to her the top of the Eiffel Tower. And soon after a year she gave birth to his beautiful daughter who was the guest of honor when they sealed their love with beautiful wedding in Italy.

The issue that break them apart!

This was the total surprise for Cruise when he came to know That Holmes filed for divorce. Though there were unkind to outright outlandish rumors, they kept ignoring and concentrate on what they knew best: family and movies. But being a mom to three children was difficult to juggle with her career. And apart from her career survival she was more concern that the 7-year old Suri was no longer practicing Scientology and seemed to concede that this church was a major part of the reason that Holmes ended the beautiful story but finally Though Tom said, it was the assertion, in response to the Lawyer’s question but soon he return to change and amend his words that:

“Kate never told me that this (Scientology) was a reason for our divorce.”

Though the couple never gave the reason but the rumor persists that she was unhappy with the control the religion Scientology had over the family.

Katie and Tom with their daughter- Suri

Besides in all mean she was trying to ignore her increasingly controlling her husband, who told his wife that she must be called ‘Kate’ instead ‘Katie’ and carefully picked her film roles- making sure she didn’t opt for something he didn’t agree.

In July, one of the Tinseltown’s most fascinating love stories came to an end.

Tom Cruise’s future endeavors!

Though Tom is in a great state of shock at his 50’s he is trying to keep himself occupied to get over the heartbroken breakup and still has a long way to go. He is enthusiastically involved in the release of Mission Impossible 5 in 2014, however his one latest release of the movie, “Oblivion” deserve yo9ur 90 minutes and so his other upcoming Sci- fi movie “All you need is kill” which is expected to be released in 2014.

tom cruise

Life is really a challenge when you are 50 and you think you have everything in order and suddenly it hits you and shake you all over, that’ what like is all about- said by saddened heartbroken, Cruise.

We wish him a good life ahead!


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