6 Important to-do Things before posting an Article on Blog!

to-do before posting article blogReal bloggers are busy people. With an online earning business to look after and to keep providing the reasons to the readers to follow the blog, they are surely one of the most dedicated workers who have to look after their business all by themselves. If you are a blogger and want to make blogging as your primary career, then you really need to understand certain principles of this domain. Creating a blog, choosing a template and getting a hosting domain are obviously the first few basic steps but it is important to make it clear that no matter how beautiful your blog is, you still have a long way to earn some dollars.

What we will be briefing you on today is about the fact that once you are done with choosing a topic for your post and writing it effectively, it is now time to show your technical skills, which you should have as a sole owner of your business. What newbie bloggers often forget to take care of are the pre-publishing steps that are really essential to make your post something that readers want to see. Here are 6 important things you need to do (and if you do, then you must check them at least) before posting your article on your blog.

1) Follow the right format

No matter whichever platform you choose for your blog, the text editor of these sites is really not for the professional bloggers. Bloggers, who know this, obviously switch to its alternative which is Windows Live Writer and yes this application of Microsoft fairly deals with the needs of a professional blog too.

Once you are done with your post, you should frame your content according to the format that is been introduced to your readers. This means that you should provide your headings and sub-headings their respective tags so that they follow the pattern. What most bloggers forget to do is to align their content and do not ‘Justify’ the paragraphs, leaving them with an untidy look.

Remember always that readers perceive from what you show them. A neat outlook will give you a neat impression too.

2) Proofread your content

No need to elaborate this one though, still it is important to mention the significance of proofreading your work before posting it to your blog. As a writer I know this pretty well that writing about 2000 words daily makes you an imperfect typist who makes unlimited spelling mistakes, often skipping the punctuations and things like that. However, whether I do it or you, the result is almost same, that is, we will end up losing our precious readers who judge us and our work with our words.

Make it your habit to spend at least 10 minutes on reading your written content after you are done with the write-up.

3) Maintain relevancy when choosing pictures

You would have left this page after reading the heading only if there would have been an image of a salesman selling t-shirts with a label ‘add me on Facebook’ on it. It is obvious that readers assume things all their own and one of the major contributors in this process are the images and captions of videos that you choose to support your content.

Always choose a relevant image that goes completely well with the theme of your article.

4) Find Keywords

Google analytics and the search engines are keyword oriented. Keep yourself in the place of your potential reader. Think about what your potential visitors would type on their search engine and use those words in your headings, your first introductory paragraph. Keywords play a very important role in attracting readers to your blog. Use simple words that are human-understandable. You must be having a great vocabulary, but make it clear that you are not giving an English paper; it’s a serious business here!

5) Set Permalink

Permalink is the link your post has. It can be taken as an identity card of your post. Your blogs have a default permalink set for you. However, editing it and making it sensible is a good practice.

6) Preview your post

It is a visual proofread, that is how I take it. Sometimes human eye skip small mistakes but when they are published they become eye-catching enough to earn a bad name for you.

Always preview your posts before posting them.

These were the 6 simple things that you should adopt and include them in your blogging schedule. They make difference, try it!


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  1. Awesome tips share with us.#3 Maintain relevancy when choosing pictures because some one says picture worth is more then thousand words.Thanks for share these tips with us.

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