Follow 12 Best Tips and Become a Top Freelancer from Today – part 2


I discussed the 6 tips to become a great freelancer – Part1, in my last post and here are the other amazing tips that can make your life easy a successful in the freelancing world

7. Try For Best but Take Measured Risks.

measured riskIt’s a good practice to keep searching something better than your exiting job. If you realize once you started off with freelancing, that you have really got potential and can make more money with writing in magazine, online, and newspaper articles, keep trying but don’t quit your existing job until you’re making enough money to sustain your lifestyle. This means that initially, try to work out things in your spare times and weekends once you realize that you can make a good job of it, then go for it.

8. Get ready to work Alone- Fill the Vacuum with the Air!

Making your living room your office, with flexible timings is something every person dream of, but you need to ask those who are actually doing it- all alone! People want -people, that’s how God Has created world, but in freelancing, it’s all about you, no matter how much you love isolation and writing, there is some time when you start losing your interest, tired of being alone. It effects not only in your personality but also your work.

work in parkNow the solution to this, lies within you actually, you need to find ways how to fill some air in this vacuumed Job to breath and survive. Make your routine, decide when to write, prepare yourself mentally for that time isolation. Get handy- make your job portable like carrying a laptop or a notebook with you and a portable wifi access. Make any place you like, your office. (Example: parks, cafes, friend’s place, etc.

To get on to the top, you are required to give your 1oo% too, love your job and never let go your enthusiasm.

9. Be Creative – Give 5-stars to your portfolio.

It can be your luck, but not an obvious scenario that the first job you will get in freelancing business would generate you 100’s of Dollar all of a sudden. But the point is, you need to take a start. It’s important to establish your credentials and highlight your qualifications to create a portfolio that is strong enough itself to impress your potential clients. Clients want everything from you, they want experience, they look for past achievements, they appreciate those candidates who have had already satisfied other clients with their past work. The best ways to gain all of it are:

be creative - add  stars to your portfolio

Start writing for small, non paying publications and websites, to Gain experience and fame.

Write for children magazines,

Write guest posts on different blogs,

Donate your time and efforts and write for newsletters and publications.

Keep your best articles in .pdf format, all ready to be sent to the clients whenever they wish to have one from you as a sample.

10. Realized your Potential? Let the world recognize you too

proud manIt’s a fact that when you start it up as a writer, initially, you will not be able to realize what your specialties are. But with some time and practice, you will learn about your capabilities of writing professionally on certain topics, once you get to know yourself, then start contacting the relevant people. Find publishers whom you think will like your subject matter and your writing. As discussed in part 1, always send a query letter to a major publication before submitting a completed article. Select the topics you are good at, for writing articles.

11. Make your Business stable!

StabilityThese days there are equal opportunities available in both print and online media, but the real hindrance is the competition. Always remember that there are people, many times better than you and if you have gotten a chance that is certainly you’re Good Luck and now this is the time when you have to prove yourself. Update your portfolio after every achievement of yours constantly .Always maintain your own style and keep improving. If you write on fashion and technology kind of stuff, which change almost daily, you need to keep yourself well updated.
Your client’s comments and guidelines are your real wealth, mind that. It’s the correction of your previous mistakes that makes you a perfect.

12. Be energetic – Be an Entrepreneur

Although it’s a one man show, yet you need an audience to clap for you. Isn’t it? You need to keep yourself in limelight, interact with other freelancers, learn from their experiences, get information from them. There are many organizations that are established inbe an enterprenuar almost all countries that arrange seminars, trainings and conferences of writers, try to attend them. Join all forums where you can question about your queries and answer others. Sound active and build your own contacts. Don’t forget that you are not only a writer but you also have to market yourself to earn with consistency!

These were the top 12 secrets that can make you a top freelancer and make money from your living room. These were the simple formulas that you need to add in your life so that you can give out your best and achieve the best in return too!
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