35 Spicy Tips to Earn With Hubpages

Tips to earn with hubpagesThanks to the saturated job market out there, people are now seeking refuge in Money making online strategies and out of so many ways to earn livings online, writing articles and submitting them online on sites like Hubpages. However, like any other business, even the online earning business requires a quality input and some tips strictly to be followed. Here are 35 spicy tips to earn with Hubpages,

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1)Publish your content

Create some pages relevant to your topic, website or blog and then link back to it as a source of more information for people. You need to have a score of 75 or higher if you want your links inside your hubs to follow.

2)Publish new content

Create and talk about new topics rather repeating the same topics.

3)Take control of your content

Create your own platform to have a complete control over the elements involved, so you could sell it in future.

4)Quality mater

It matters what you write because it gets you score which is needed to maintain the reputation and to allow links to follow in your topic.

5)Enrich your article

Make it more attractive to drag the traffic by including pictures, links and videos.

6)Sign Up for Google Adsense

You need to sign up to allow ads to be displayed on your articles which are basically paying per click ads, the more attractive your article is the more will be the traffic and hence more probability of clicks. You will get 70% and Hubpage will get 30%.

7) Sign Up for Hubpages ads Program

It is run by the Hubpages itself and works similarly as Google Adsense.

8)Join eBay Affiliate program

Join eBay affiliate program. If a person go and buy on eBay through Hubpage you will get your reward.

9)Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Works in a similar way as eBay.

10)Make a positive approach

Talk about topics like medicinal uses of honey, diets or why you wear dresses, etc.

11)Recommend product

 Browse items through amazon or any other sites and refer them on Hubpages and earn up to 15%in referrals by associate programs.

12)Insert a hyperlink

Promote selling products by referring them in your topics and put hyperlinks for the public to move to the site from where they can buy.

14)Make your hub attractive

Keep updating your hub leaving it stagnant is not a good way.

15)Be Patient

It’s going to take some time, so don’t be disappointed.

16)Research about more ways

There is always a new way to way to earn so keep exploring the Hubpages.

17)Sign up to Clickbank

there you select few products and create a Hub that center around those products, but make sure they link back to your Hubpages.

18)Create a pitch site

It basically tries to sell one type of product, this will target specific types of traffic which you need to approach. You can use ClickBank market place pitch pages to get an idea.

19)Solve problems

Write an ebook giving answers to particular topic which people encounter daily and promote it elsewhere but it should be linked to your Hubpages to drag the traffic to your site.

20)point people to your site

If you are a freelancer or owns a page on Elance write and link it up in a way for people to see your work and hire you.

21)Good Keywords

You need to have attractive words to attract traffic, the more the traffic the better are the chances of your posted ads to get clicked.

22)Do not lose weight over your score

 Though your score count on hub pages to allow links to work but don’t worry you will still find yourself by many search engines unless you write good.

23)Write what you like

Talk about things you like don’t try to put your hands into technical stuff all because someone is else is getting more traffic.

24)Write long

Don’t write up to thousands of words but you can go up to 800, Don’t write too short as it is detrimental to your ranking by search engine.

25)Join Challenge

Create more hubs because most probably out of 20 only 5 of them might get noticed.

26)Keyword search

 Incorporate the most demanded words into your writing so it’s easy for search engine to present your content at the top.

27)Link to yourself

Link to your other articles and services so when someone finishes reading an article you wrote, they continue reading content and continue to make you money.

28)Broaden your Horizon

Write over multiple topics to target different audience.

29)Promote your hubs

Write articles or intro at different places and link it to your main Hubpages, but do not copy paste the content.

30)Break up in session

If you like to make your Hubs detailed, break them up into sections because long reading could be annoying. This will keep people checking upon you with time.

31)See what keywords are used to find you

Keep looking what keywords are used to find your article, this will help you frame your keywords that way.

32)Responsive staff

 if you feel like you can’t cope up with a problem write to staff they will get you the perfect answer within 24 hours, you can also share your problem if you can’t earn they’ll probably tell you the reason which you can’t see.

33)Question and answer section

 Get your answers and new ideas of earning and crashing the money via Hubpages by frequently check in to the section, this will keep you updated.

34)Keep an eye on Hub hopping

This will help you see new work and to clean out the old stuff so you will stay updated and clear that what to write next.

35)Look Weekly topic inspiration

read through it, you will definitely know the future forecast of driving traffic.

All for now, we hope that the above stated tips help you out in making money with Hubpages,


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