Top 10 Tips for Teens to Increase Their Pocket Money – Part 1

teenThe world has changed and so have the needs at every stage of life. No matter you are a teen or a grown up, there is one thing in common that everyone shares, and that is the need of money. I recently figured it out that most of my readers either are teens or those who have just crossed their teen age. I kept thinking how I can gift my readers with something that can turn out really beneficial for them and finally got the answer from my own life experience, let us talk about the ways by which a teen can easily increase his pocket money, keeping his studies smooth too. Those of you, who are earning, will agree with me on this point that earning money yourself and spending it has its own charm as compared to the monthly amount we used to get from our parents as “pocket money”.

The point is, the youth of today needs to develop a sense of progressing. Now the progressing can be of any level, that’s what we will see here.

Here are the easy and simple 5 ways in which the teenagers can start earning by utilizing their spare times.

1) Build an investing approach

think of investingThe most important principle that is needed to be worked on – is the sense of money making. The Students often crave for an increase in pocket money despite of making a use of the money they already have. Always try to double your money with legal ways. By saying so , I actually mean that think, think how can you help yourself by investing some savings in something that can help you out positively, this comes on point 1, because if you learn this, you will learn the principle of entrepreneurship.

2) Help recycling – enjoy small increase

recyclinghInterestingly, I have done this one too at my grandmother’s place. My target was old newspapers, you can try something else. If you are a too devoted student and don’t want to surf your time here and there wasting, try this one. Collecting useless papers and selling them for recycling is the easiest thing of all, however don’t expect to make much money with it. But still something is better than nothing!

3) Become a Tutor

tutorI still remember my first tuition. Being a student myself at that time, it was more than a pleasure for me to earn money by tutoring students who were just 2 or 3 years junior than me. You see, being a student yourself, you have nothing productive in hand, no degrees, no experience; the only thing that can turn your time into cash is your knowledge. I have always found my seniors a better teacher than my professors, strange but true. Try it out. Try to offer tuitions to your juniors at school or neighbors and you can simply double your pocket money by spreading knowledge.

4) Online Surveys.

onlin surveysAs discussed many times in my previous posts, online surveys can bring you a great revenue because market research is very important for big businesses, so many sites will pay you for your opinion.

5) Sell t-shirts

I have shared it earlier as well that how one can make money by selling T-Shirts,


Read it in detail.

this was all for now, but part 2, which I will share with you tomorrow has some magic in it, share your views and don’t miss out the remaining 5 tips,


15 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for Teens to Increase Their Pocket Money – Part 1”

  1. thats cute FAisal,
    well you see when it comes to money making, you need to keep your vision clear. people say alot of things – all the time. isnt it? 🙂 do we care? actually no!
    the thing you need to remember is you need to earn. once you get establish, people will start liking and then – loving you for your work! there are chances that they might start following you too!
    all the best

  2. Teens can earn in anyway but, earning online is better than others because i guess 80+% are lazy to do some work. And some drop because of their parents orders. Maybe offline jobs are easy for kids, but in India maximum parents do not allow for any offline work. 🙁
    But I see many children like me on the web earning smartly.

  3. I find this word helps me a lot “investing some savings in something that can help you out positively”. These five are great suggestions to earn money,When you feel shy you can’t get success but when you kill the shy you get success.Many people feel shy to do paper recycling but it will gives you great experience.

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