10 Recommended Tips College Students should AVOID to Make Money

students should not doThere is no doubt that money has some real charm that attracts people of all ages. However, how much successful you turn out to be, in terms of meeting your desires to make money, is what is totally dependent on your experience and intelligence. Knowing that a massive audience of Smart Earning Methods is a teenager, who is attending Colleges and universities at the moment, we feel accountable to share some tips that our readers SHOULD NOT do while looking for some extra income during their academics life.

Here are some worth following points that you need to avoid if you are money lover with no experience in the field at all. Have a look!

1) Deviating from actual goal

Have you ever tried asking yourself why do you wake up early morning to go to your college? If you ask this to yourself now, you would get something in response like To graduate, to built your career, to built personality, to lay down the foundation of future good living. But what majority of students concerns are money management and building up money that can actually affect their grades and they may end up with poor grades which can leads to bane of their life. You need to tell yourself that your first priority is your actual degree; money will come ultimately to you. Never make money at the cost of your loss in studies.

2) Taking Loans From Friend

Don’t forget that your friends are students too. Never take loans from them and try to pass your graduation without been in debts. What happens here is, in case you cannot repay the loans, you would be in some big problems.

3) Enjoying Wit Tuition Fee

Don’t use your study loan anywhere else other than paying for college tuition fee

4) Spending more on temporary things

This is the questions that bothers every new or old bee, there are things where you might spent more than your budget without looking for other substitutes that can save your money, here are the list that for sure widen your view to manage your money on campus life;

5) Disposing books

What happens most of the time is, we buy new books and keep them somewhere on roof or stores after an year or so. It is totally a waste. Try to Buy used textbooks and a good practice is to sell your books immediately after your papers.

6) Being with his Profile buddies

some deep pocket parent children has no budget and if down to road or with restricted budget students starts handing out with such people just to look cool than for sure they are going to cross you’re their pockets and end up with money issues.

7) Spending on Junk

It is an amazing fact that the things that affects you most adversely are most expensive to buy, still you are way reluctant to avoid them. Talking about junk food here, try to eat healthy, avoiding to eat junk food and switching to fruits and vegetables. You can substitute beer with juices; this will not only save your money but also keep you healthy, restricting your money loss for gym and doctors.

8) Not Saving Money

If you are looking for some great outcome in no time, then you need to start saving your money. What students do is, they tutor juniors and spend all the money in partying out the same day, thinking not a single bit of the remaining month. Try avoiding it.

9) Investing all alone

Starting a business at an early age with a group of friends is highly appreciable as it is a good move towards entrepreneurship, but if taken wisely. Never invest all alone in a business as there are all chances that it would turn out to be a flop one.

10) Trying non-recommended Methods

Internet is over loaded with unreliable methods to make money. Never fall for them. Try to learn about good sites, read reviews and then take a decision. You may start up with blogging, writing and freelancing initially.

Successful people have some success stories behind their achievements, and if you study them thoroughly, you will find few common things in all and that is, planning, consistency and a wise ideology.

Hope that you would be facilitated with the tips by avoiding them as much as you can.

Best Wishes.

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