4 Tips to Remember while Marketing on Social Media!

social mediaSocial media plays a significant role in boosting up a business’s economy, reputation and popularity drastically. Now days, when people are enjoying the best benefits of social media of being connected, some of the businesses suffer with it too. If you are a businessman, a blogger, or a marketer, you truly need to know how to utilize one of the best tools and things you really need to avoid.

Mostly, when you decide to adopt the online money making strategy to meet up your livings, you start it all your own, this means that from driving the traffic, to the marketing policies, its only you and you who has to take care of the things at every point.

Here are the most casual mistakes people do while marketing their brands/ blogs/ websites/products on social media and suffer the most.

Stop Being self –obsessed!


Once you decide to be a businessman, you have to drag the “I, me, myself” elements out of your personality. Always remember that your clients want you to listen to them and the better you satisfy them, listening, the better outcome you will observe. Self-promotion is obviously an essential feature of a business, but only if done with moderation.

To me, an achievement is when people talk about you and not you speaking yourself about it. Don’t forget that social media allows you to share your product’s success stories with the customers, so you really need to work on the presentation of how you share news. Always mention some true stories behind the success and share the credit with the customers. Everyone likes to be praised, use this common element.

Stop Automation – Do It Your Own!

There is a misconception may be when we say stay connected with your customers on social media, people schedule their tweets continuously. Think about a Facebook fan page, where statuses get uploaded every five minutes but no response is given to your queries over them. Obviously, this will reduce the number of followers. Keeping your a Facebook, twitter profiles updated, is exactly what your marketing strategy should be, but when you schedule your tweets, there is a HootSuite logo attached to it, the visitor gets to know that no actual customer services are present but only the virtual banners.

Don’t Use Bad Timings To Celebrate Your Success!

drug makeover.cdrThink of a scenario when an earthquake (God Forbid) hits your native country and you, still serves all your time in promoting your goods and services, tweeting and posting about it. Just imagine the reaction of the local market. It is really important to be sensitive to the national and international market crisis and taking measures accordingly. In fact, always try to provide a forum to you customers to identify with your products all the time in their life and the ups and downs.

Stop being Offensive!

Although all the newly developed technologies add the “undo” feature in their programs, however, when you do something on the internet, you cannot undo it. So you need to be very careful in passing any comment, any remark about any person or a brand as that can cost you a little too much, making you lose your clients.

Keep your tone soft, humble and professional whenever dealing with the customers, no matter where ever you do so.

These were some effective tactics you should always keep in mind while dealing with customers in marketing your product on Social media. The more efficiently you absorb these, the better the credibility you will achieve!


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