10 Quick Ways Logo Designers Can Make Money Online

logo-designer-money-2013Logo designer plays a key role for the company. Logo gives the abstract view about the company and its dealings. It is the identity of the company and it catches the viewer’s eye instantly. So if you can play with the right colors and graphics, you surely will be in high demand!

Due to the growing competition these days, many companies prefer to spend a few dollars on the outlook of their business instead of lacking behind in the race. They keep looking for designers with flair of style and aesthetics to bring out something unique exclusively for them. This is when the logo designers come in. So, let’s talk about how Logo Designers can make millions of dollars in 2013!

1) Design logos and sell them

The best way to earn money and get fame for logo designers is to design some logos and put them on online stores. There are so many people out there who are in need of attractive logos. If they like your logo, they will contact you for purchasing and you will end up getting money and some publicity just by designing a logo. Many people are opting for designing as a major portion of their earning and some still do it for fun. If you really want to make a name, then start working creatively with your designing skills.

2) Start writing tutorials

Why not start earning by writing tutorials about logo design? Pen down all what you have learnt so far and send it to a reputed tutorial website such as Psdtuts. They just don’t accept any tutorial so be precise and unique while writing a tutorial.

3) Logo Design Contests

Logo Design contests are organized by various companies whenever they need a logo. They give all the details and information about what they want and leave the rest to the designer as to how he interprets it. The contest is very simple and follows a time duration after which the chosen logo designer gets some prize money. A lot of designers these days are found engaged in such contests to gain money and fame simultaneously. The websites which offer such competitions are: 99designs.com, logotournament.com, mycroburst.com.

4) Write articles for other blogs

Writing logo designing articles and tips for other blog is another effective way of earning. This not only lets you earn money but it also gives you an opportunity to make yourself visible in the blogosphere and get updated. It provides you a chance to get to know about the new trends and also allows other people to know about. There are millions of blogs out there which offers guest posting and pays the guest for their content. You should try out the blogs which matches your interest.

5) Portfolio

Make your portfolio and start advertising your skills to attract your clients. Make your website so inviting and appealing that the clients keep coming your way. If you don’t have a website, you can use other websites such as shadowness.com which allow you to maintain your portfolio online. The more clients you attract, the more work and money you are going to make!

6) Start your own Blog

If you are a logo designer, you can start your own blog and make millions of dollars! There are so many people out there who are making money from running different blogs. You can start off with a blog related to logo designing. As a blogger, you can make money from advertisements, Google Ad sense, Affiliate Linking, Text ads and much more! Even the most popular blogs earn half of their profits in this way. You won’t be a fish out of water so start off right now!

7) Write How-To’s

People are usually very keen about learning what they designers do and their working style. They pay huge amounts just to get to know what they know. So what not give them a slight insight of your work and skills and earn dollars in return? You can write How-To’s for certain websites which offer you a good payment to get their readers come out of a certain problem.

8) Job Boards

Make it a regular practise to visit job boards. Choose the kind of work you want to do from them as the previous client might refer you to someone else. This will not only help in making extra money but will also help in relation building. Being a logo designer, the job boards play an important role since there are many professional and unprofessional designers working out there and only a small reference can make you stand out from the crowd.

9) Write e-book

Think of a unique topic or some innovative ways to design a logo and write an e-book on it. Include some new ways of solving an old problem and sell it online. The more you float it on the internet, the more clients you will get and the more you will earn. Your e-book must have some uniqueness and some creativity to make others fall for your work.

10) Online tutorials

Start by making a group of few novice logo designers and give them live tutorials. Make a small class and teach your admirers about photoshop and illustrator online so that they can also learn to design logos as good as yours. This will be more like a Webinar on Logo Designing. Once you gain fame, you can start taking good payments or continue with a small subscription for your own publicity.

Best of luck Designers!

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