100 Tips to get More Clients in Freelancing in 2013!

freelancing tips Freelancing can be  tough business if you are not aware of the rules that are necessary to follow in this domain. It is to be remembered that unlike any other real world job, your career in freelancing is always at risk where you can turn into a jobless soul after earning huge dollars from a contract.To ensure a regular earning, all you need to do is to follow these simple 100 tips and you will see what magic they do in your online career.

Have a look!


Look For the Job

1) Pin up a notice on your local area or community board, you can also post on your social networking site and College Board.

2) Keep an eye and follow the online and offline job boards.

3) You can check out Craig.com, a potential site from where you will definitely find a client, but only if you are looking the list for your city. Make sure you are scrolling at the right place.

4) Keep and eye on online job boards, you can also spent few minutes reading your college board, who knows there is a potential client waiting for you.

Use your iPads and notebook or run with media

5) Take quizzes and contest that grades your skill and let others knew, you are not better but you are actually good in it!

6) Get out with friends and do not hesitate to ask them to refer you to their client when they are loaded with stuff.

7) Make a short note and release it! What it will be having is your skills and services offered.

Previous Clients are going to get you potential more clients

8) Stop and say ‘Hi’ to your old boss, it will never make him forget you.

9) Once you will done with a client, whether its old one or new, stay in touch with them, this will definitely bring you the potential client again.

10) Send promotions for services.

11) How about starting a news letter and sending it to clients you have/had.

12) Own and start sending email signature as your marketing tool.

13) Don’t hesitate to ask your client to give you credit or points on web or print.

14) Update your calendar every time you work for an old client, that will be a constant reminder to them that you are always there.

15) Make a card or a poster, or you can even sketch them if you are good at it, the only reason you wanted to stay Remember!

Spread the Word

16) Ask your friends and family to spread a word about your potential skills.

17) Don’t hesitate to ask you clients for referrals.

18) Help new referrals by consulting them, because their boss would like to consider working with their junior’s boss.

19) Spread the email to all address you got, mentioning your services, but make sure you have a captivating subject or else it’s easy for email to get ignored.

20) It’s not bad to talk about oneself, make sure you tuned friendly and specific while telling what you can do

Talk the Talk

21) You need to a huge circle of acquaintances, so don’t miss an invitation to association meetings, seminars, industry events and make sure you talk and make new friends or else don’t go.

22) If your Client lives nearby or in your city, attend their events, there are chances you will get more potential clients there.

23) Sponsor a client event, spread your word.

24) Be gregarious and always have your card ready,

25) Join your local community of commerce and get active.

26) It’s not always about money, do charitable work for organizations associated with industries.

27) Get involve into your college social activities.

28) Offer to give, arrange and hold a seminar to a business group.

29) Join an industry and get registered.

30) Contact your old clients, may be they are loaded with some stuff for you.

31) You shouldn’t be taking a pause when somebody asks you what you can do.

32) Publicize your signature by participating on online forums.

33) Start commenting on blogs and leave relevant links of your work, related to the topic.

Promote Yourself

34) An extra for free feels good, do it.

35) Advertise yourself.

36) Research where your clients spend their half of the day, advertise yourself there.

37) Wear your URL.

38) Try location based Google Adwords

39) Get yourself into advertise in magazines or newspapers.

40) List yourself on yellow pages or business directories.

41) Advertise in local newspapers.

42) Make a difference; it could be a word or an act by you.

43) Get your car signage.

44) Advertise in industry newsletters.

45) Offer gifts at industry events.


46) A mail postcard to clients, old/new doesn’t matter.

47) Mail fun promotional items, i.e. calendars or posters to client.

48) Consider over the new strategy and do not hesitate to propose.

Photography on its way

49) Send your clicks to industry magazine to earn a name.

50) Run exhibitions either online/offline.

51) Take a help from stock agencies.

52) Get an agent to get clients.

53) Make an online photojournal.

54) Capture an event or series and pitch it to a news paper and magazines.

55) Keep experimenting so your portfolio never gets old.

Cartoons to go..

56) Take competitions to illustrate at a big screen.

57) Start a comic strip blog, i.e. at gapingvoid.com or a strip in news paper will work equally same.

58) Invent and sketch characters and put them on.

59) Make gift cards and send your animations to gift card publishers.

60) Offer to do a cartoon strip with your blogging.

61) Send your cartoons to magazines like computerart.co.uk

62) Invent completely original and fabulous eye catching specie.

63) Do stock illustrations.

Make them Look

64) Make sure your profile listed on a site like Coroflot.

65) Make use of DesignlsKinky.com

66) Submit your website to design galleries like CSSMania.com.

67) Submit work to design compilation books and magazines.

68) Start a magazine or a blog.

Writers, Bloggers and Journalists

69) Write a book and publish it online

70) Give away article ideas.

71) Submit article for article banks for sale.

72) Use GraphicRiver and write some great stuff over the pictures there.

73) Design and web design for agencies as a copywriter.

74) Write your opinions and get them publicize on Digg with your details at the bottom.

Programmers and developers

75) Pitch yourself a s developer, advertise.

76) Contribute to help and get known.

77) Do not miss contest on RailsDay.

78) Invent a small web app like jobpile.

79) Answer tech questions at forums and let them know you offer freelance coding services.

80) Check on craiglist.com or freelancer site.

Get started with local business

81) Rent an office shared by local freelancers an businesses.

82) Get connected with multiple agencies.

83) Get in touch and friends with other business owners.

84) Put your business cards on desks.

85) Offer commission to your internet or printing house to refer you.

86) Cross promote with other business.

87) Stay in touch with other freelancers, they may forward some load.


88) Have a follow up conversation, who knows by the end of conversation you get the next project.

89) Search and optimize your website and attract Google traffic.

90) Be sure you are listed in White pages business section and yellow pages.

Time to Expert

91) Get involve into industries and offer to speak on their behalf.

92) Get on air.

93) Drop an article to an industry publication.

94) Take and win competitions.

95) Start blogging.

96) Write an eBook and market online.

97) Drop a story to a blog or a resource website.

98) Search in your free times.

99) Be motivated and honest with your clients.

100) Most Importantly, If you love your job and you have the precious element, to stay calm and listen, then you will always be flooded with potentially sweet clients around you.

Wish you read few of them, hope they rewind the fundamentals you were skipping and because of which you were losing clients, wish you a better work odyssey.

Best of Luck

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