7 tips to follow while Buying and Selling Books Online

think about sellingAre you a student and look forward to save some money in your student life? Your books can be a real help in this case. With an online market open for every single thing, you can make some money by selling books or in other words, spreading knowledge online and also can save up to $15 by buying e-books from a reliable source in return of a low price. However, the idea seems a little more easy than it actually is and you must take care of the following things before you plan to do so.

1)Books are books

It will have same pictures and same context only if you knew properly which books you are going to follow in this semester. It doesn’t matter from where you buy the books, what matter is you wanted to study. Check for the title, author and edition number and compare the prices at different places. May be you can save some money smartly.

2)Books may be same

Stay in touch with your seniors or you can also check your online college board for a recent post mentioning the same books which you are looking for, offering in better prices than what is being offered on shops. Don’t forget to check, it’s edition number and author, if all is same than do not hesitate to get your hands onto them.

3)Buy quality, we are talking about ISBN

You must have gone through the individual book listings while walking through the Amazon or Abebooks. But keep your eyes open as you are only looking for real ISBN and you should accept nothing else. Make sure you get your hands on original book, no worries if you got less valuable paper editions, though they are annoying but still you can make few books. Hurry up and buy the books preterm so you can get your hands onto official and original books in significantly discounted offers. Start sending your confirmations before it’s too late and you stuck with softcover editions.

4)Take care

Aren’t you sure that you going to clear this module? Definitely you trust your abilities, that is why I’m saying, what is a point of keeping books then. Do study but do not make them suffer if you can’t cram, treat them like you treat your money, keeping safe with care. At least by the end of the module they won’t only score you the marks but if they are not highlighted or damaged you can give it away online to colleagues and juniors. Post about the books on your online college board and take care of your books. Enjoy your final days with them.

5)Sell on demand and get them listed

Don’t expect from the books to let go of you right after your exams, if you are eager to get rid of them, get them listed during your term over sites like Craigslist, Amazon or Half, but make sure not to miss to mention they are original, hardcover and US edition books because this is what a buyer is looking for. You have already used them in your term, so don’t be greedy, little discount over the books will bring you the potential client soon.

6)Keep an eye open

School seems like a never ending nightmare to everybody. All what we save is usually spend upon getting hundredths of books in each semester. But get familiar with the process and the language of book listing so if you are patient and careful, I believe you can end up making some money online.

7) Other Suggested sites

Bookfinder.com-Sell your books or buy new or used books by comparing prices on 60+ stores.

BookScouter.com- Sell your books here for the highest price. The site compares prices from over 40 book buying websites so you can quickly place your book to site selling your book with highest prices.


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