15 Tips to Become a Good Writer!

become a good writerOnline earning is becoming one of the most hottest niches when it comes to choosing a career these days. Whether you decide to make money through a blog or choose freelancing as your major goal, you need to know the fact that its all your words that will work for you in getting yourself some dollars. Even Google prefers the sites and content which is well written and sends traffic to such blogs only.

It has been seen that people who have a real  good vocabulary, have got a strong command over punctuations and spellings too often suffer pretty similar to that of writers who do not have command over the language, The only reason behind this drawback is the missing of ingredients that give weight to your words and writing skills.

Here are 15 tips that might help you out in improving your writing skills and grooming your online and offline  status as a writer!

1)Get engage with reading

Everyone has a unique style of description, presenting, thinking and ideas. Reading varieties of topics enable you to think differently and write in a better way. Reading won’t only influences the ideas of description but also helps you improve your vocabulary and thinking power.

Tip: read about writing, styles and genres, experiment a different style then and enjoy exploring a new writer with in you.

Warning: The beginning is usually hardest part and managing time is another issue, Get past that and you are home free.

2)Play with words everyday

Practice makes the man perfect, the more you write the better structured sentences you will be producing in your writing. Writing enhances your thinking, polishes your style and help you remember the synonyms you learn everyday to make your writing heart loving.

Tip: Let go of your creativity guy within you, go crazy first with writing ideas and then allow your critical skills to edit your writing. Write when you feel inspired, but write on time in your favorite place.

Warning: Don’t be afraid of what you writing though people may criticize your work. Everyone has a different taste.

3)Learn new words

Illusions, delusions, hallucinations, fantasia, etc might be describing fantasy, but your vocabulary gives the expressions to your writing. Your words turn out spectacularly amazing and description sounds fabulous, that’s exactly what Shakespeare used to do with his love stories.

Tip: Install thesaurus in you phones or buy a dictionary, every time when hear a word find out its synonyms/anonyms and used to construct similar sentences.

Warning: Practice the words frequently or else they will evaporate.

4)Consider your grammar

‘I have appendicitis’ you will be wondering while lying in operation theater that ‘ why am I here when I already had operation in 2006’ that is because you shifted had with have. Grammar can change everything around you. It’s time for you to get your hands full with the tenses.

Tip: Solve practice questions often or weekly from a good grammar book.

Warning: Don’t be over efficient over your tenses. If you are good at it, often practicing will help you stick to the tract.

5)Do your homework

You need to get your hands on two notebooks for sure. One is going to be your ‘vocabulary notebook’ where you will be editing every new word you heard, it wil;l help you learn them and other is going to be your ‘Inspirational notebook’ where record your funnu conversations, occasions, events from your personal life this will help you keep writing.

Tip: Write a word with its meanings and few synonyms with an example sentences.

Warning: Read often what you write, it will help you keep going and refresh some great words.

6)Meet a writer

A doctor won’t be telling how to write a good article, neither your friends unless they are among good ones. Meet writers, get tips and suggestions.

Tips: Attend book launches sessions and join community book festivals and forums. You can also email writers and ask if they are willing to meet you or provide any suggestions.

Warning: Take those tips seriously.

7)Look among your friends or neighborhood for writers.

Get along with people who love to write, this will help you capture thousand things in same picture. It broadens your view, help you to be proficient writer and also by increasing your acquaintances there are better chances for your writing to get popular easily.

Tips: Do practice writings at Wikipedia or WikiHow. You can also join your school magazine reporter community.

Warning: Write sincerely over such places, you don’t want to damage your image as a bad writer.

8)Get complete hold of topic before start writing.

Be clear about the central idea before you start typing the first word. Make sure you knew what you are going to discuss. Be crystal clear what you need to do and what questions you need to answer in your writings.

Tip: Read it thrice, with first reading just to grab an idea and second, to see if you come up with any questions and final reading to look for the answers of your questions.

Warning: If you haven’t understood the central idea you may have to complete the entire project again, which is time waste for you.

9)Brainstorm and plan before writing

Once you done with reading and understood the phenomenon, do not rush through your writing. Take a break, brainstorm over a paper in form of flow chart etc, plan out the writing by writing down the question in order you are going to discuss them and then start writing. This will help you create a clear image through your writing.

Tip: Take time to think and conclude.

Warning: If you won’t give five more minutes to ponder over the topic, get ready to get lost while writing.

10)Stick to your topic

What’s most difficult is to stick to the topic, because when you start writing it’s difficult to understand ‘It is not important to write’. This is what every writer complain. Be specific, and stay close to your point so people can comprehend easily.

Tip: Brainstorm and write questions you need to answer, this will help you stick to the point.

Writer: Don’t be too straight and specific, sometimes you need to explain your view.

11)Write objectives and plan your writing

If you are not sure about the topic, then do research rather than giving up or writing by yourself.

Tip: Read through books or search online.

Warning: It could damage your entire career. So don’t produce what you don’t know.

12)Make a first rough draft

One of the greatest challenges in academic writing is to create documents which are ‘easy to read’. This feeling often comes from what is called ‘smooth flow of ideas’. A writer should at first make a rough draft of the ideas that are coming in his mind and edit them afterwads to add general points.

Tip: Consider your purpose for your writing. It will help you to have focus.

Warning: You should be wary of the time you have to give to each article and draft it accordingly

13)Write for your audience

Audience is the biggest asset of a writer, no matter how good a writer is he needs appreciation from his audience to be famous. He should see the demand and taste of the audience and write accordingly. The writing should be simple and easy to understand and should be easy to be grasped by the audience.

Tip: Having an audience in mind will help immensely in focusing your writing.

Warning: you have to keep in mind not to change your style of writing too much otherwise it won’t attract people

14)Accept criticisms on your writing by your friends

In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your writing. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept constructive criticism. Without one-hundred percent dedication, you won’t be able to do your best

Tip: Try to take the feedback of your friends positively. Never get distracted because of others.

Warning: Don’t be too proud. Just because you like your writing doesn’t mean everybody else will.

15)Edit, rewrite, modify and condense your writing

A writer should always have an open heart; he has to understand the fact that no writing is perfect therefore he should always be ready to edit the mistakes or to rewrite the article. Sometimes the writing is longer than the expectation of the reader that annoys him in that case he should be able to condense his writing.

Tip: Just write! Don’t worry about editing when you’ve started writing. Leave this process for the end

Warning: Make sure that your writing doesn’t lose its shape because of over editing.

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3 thoughts on “15 Tips to Become a Good Writer!”

  1. Nida sis , Grammar mistakes are big problem for me . I always try to improve my grammar , but still no success . I am using Ginger to correct my mistake .
    Well all these tips are awesome and useful ,

    • Dear Atif,
      Its to be remembered that English is not the mother tongue in many developing countries and having a full command over it is something one can dream only. The good part is that you are trying to improve which is the only key to success.

      advice: Start reading English Novels, they really help, personal experience 🙂

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