Timeline Movie Maker: Make a Movie of all your memories

time line movie maker Smart earning methods has been sharing Facebook Timeline with its Viewers since the day it was launched. Although Facebook Timeline has had always been in a controversy, it’s a fact that with time, Facebook users have started enjoying its use. It’s also true that Facebook timeline is not online limited to the Facebook Cover Photos, but much more than that. You can now give a new shape to your social Networking, at the same time exploring all about your friends in a total new way. Developing team of Facebook is keen enough to launch new applications, new updated features each day but there are only very few features that are able to make their way directly to the hearts of the Facebook Users. We will be discussing one of such applications today!

Though most of you must have heard about Facebook timeline movie maker, but if you haven’t used it by now, then here is what you have been missing.

What is Timeline Movie Maker?

Watching a quick movie of your friend is better than exploring his albums, statuses, etc. with your Facebook Timeline Movie, you can turn your lives into a planned film. This application automatically creates an approximate 1 min movie of your memories that you shared in your social networking period.

Where to get this Application from?

Timeline movie maker is actually a web application, especially designed to promote a new way of sharing emotions. Click on Timeline Movie Maker to create a movie of your journey.

How to Make a Timeline movie?

Clicking on the link stated above, the following page will appear on the screen. Just click on the button “Make Your Movie ”.

timeline movie maker download

Next, you will be redirected to your Facebook account if already logged in, or will be asked to log in to your Facebook account. Once done with that, you will an approval popup will appear on your screen asking you to grant the permission to let the application access your basic information. This is similar to all other applications that you use on your Facebook Account.

login to facebook timeline movie maker

On allowing this access,  The process will finally start where the application will take some time in processing your movie. The photos in this step are taken randomly, giving your timeline movie a shade of your memories. once the processing of the movie is completed, You are Half way done!


after the completion of the process, your Facebook timeline movie will play automatically. You will be surprised to watch your entire journey of memories of happiness and sorrows.  By the end of of the movie, you will see a replay option. replay it to get a hold of your precious moments all over again. Share your Social Networking life in one minute with your friends and let them know all about your journey on Facebook Timeline.

timeline movie facebook

Hope that those who haven’t got their hands on their Facebook Timeline Movie will turn their timeline into a movie and will enjoy watching their journey.

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