9 Underused Time Management Strategies For Serious Freelancers

Time-management-strategies-for-freelancersIf you are a freelancer you already would know how important time management is. You might fail to impress your clients with your work if you can’t meet a deadline.

As a freelancer time is one of your most valuable assets. With proper planning, prioritization and scheduling you can maximize your potential 10x as a freelancer. Read on to find out the 9 underused time management strategies for serious freelancers. 

1. Maintain a calender.

Have a to-do list and maintain a calendar. Carefully allocate certain periods to specific tasks and avoid multi-tasking. Make sure you aren’t expecting more in less time and leave some free time in case some urgent work pop-ups. By maintaining a calendar you are prioritizing your whole day work.

2. Make a plan and stick to it.

Always plan your day beforehand. Stick to the plan and do not change it. Be realistic and do not over commit. If you get some new projects which might disturb your already planned scheduled say “No”. Avoid agreeing to jobs if you don’t have time to do it.

Your goal should be creating happy clients and delivering quality results.

3. Do not entertain demanding clients.

If you find that clients are being too demanding and changing their requirements too frequently its time to stop them. Let them know politely that their constant demands are being unfruitful. Schedule for responding to clients. Let them know when you are available and are ready to entertain their needs.

4. Turn off social media.

Don’t let social media and e-mails ruin your pre-planned schedule. Do not check your social media accounts and inbox after every 10 minutes. If possible do not keep any tabs open in your browser except the one you really need. Have fixed timings to check e-mails and social media accounts.


For example: You can check your e-mails 4 times a day and social media accounts 3 times. Also let your clients know about these timings so that they can try to catch you for a live chat.

5. Be quick by using shortcuts.

If your work involves using the browsers or any other computer application learn the shortcuts. Shortcuts will help you to work like a ninja thus saving your precious time. Using shortcuts is one of the most underused time management strategies by which you can speed up your work flow.

6. Be organized.

Be organized – physically and digitally. Keep your working desk tidy. Give away with the things which aren’t really needed at your desk or working table. Managing your e-mail folders and files folders properly is the way to be organized digitally. Make sure you backup all the information in a removable drive.

7. Its okay to say no.

If you are too busy working on a project stop taking up newer projects. It is always better to avoid taking too many jobs at once. If you are working on multiple projects at a time there are chances you might under-perform.

If you have already committed to finish a task for a client and for some reasons you think you are not going to meet the deadline, let them know that you will require more time. Be smart while scheduling. Back out as early as possible if you aren’t able to deliver the expected results.

8. Jump between projects.

To prevent yourself from getting tired or completely burned out jump between projects. If you choose to do the same work the whole day chances are you are stressing too much. In order to keep your productivity high, switch between projects when you feel you’re fed up.

9. Take regular breaks.

Even if your workload is heavy, time some time out to de-screen yourself. Taking regular breaks will keep you more energetic and will also increase your productivity.

Over to you! 

Do you have some more strategies to add to the list? Which specific strategy do you use to keep yourself super productive? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing..! Sometimes, I working with multi project is really hard, especially you have to work both our blog and other freelance project.

    I think that save time for working is one of the most important task.lol. I’d love to add my task to Google calendar to remain for what I have to work everyday.

    I used stick note on my notebook because I want to my daily task. I check list when I finished my work.

    Thanks for sharing, you have added me some more ideas about how to save my time..

    Have nice day…

    • Hi Kimsea,

      Yeah I can understand how difficult it can be to manage your blog and related activities plus all the freelancing projects you might be getting.

      Maintaining a calendar is the best way to plan your day. And the one who can stick to it is someone who can be called as a “Top Performer”.

      Thanks for taking time to leave your comment. Good day! 🙂

      ~ Rohan Chaubey.

  2. Yes, these are the some effective time management strategies if you are serious to work as a freelancer. Because without the plan you never succeed. So if anybody want to make career in freelancing, who should follow the above discussed strategies.

    Very Good information for the person who want to take career as a freelancer.
    Very Good and nice. [Comment edited by the author to discourage SPAMMMERS].

    • Hi Harvilas,

      I appreciate you for dropping your comment. But we have ZERO tolerance to spam and I was disappointed to see you dropping a link to your site at the end of your comment.

      There is no point dropping links in the comment as you already get an option to let us know about your blog or site while filling the comment form.

      I personally visit every commentators blog and drop one comment of mine on their blogs just to reciprocate the love and support which you show for us.


  3. Rohan You have written a great Article. It can be helpful for the bloggers who want to make all of their time productive.

    I think you should have to add a Chrome extension to manage your Breaks between the Work. 🙂

    Al through! GREAT ARTICLE – Umair Akram

    • Hi Umair,

      Thank you. Any chrome extensions which you use and which one is your Favorite?

      Thanks for stopping by.

      ~ Rohan Chaubey.

    • Hi Ayesha,

      Thank you. I appreciate you checking out my weekly e-mails. I would like to hear more from you. 🙂

      ~ Rohan.

    • Thank you Saurabh. I appreciate you for checking my weekly e-mails and being very responsive. Happy weekend. 🙂

      ~ Rohan.


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