Three Password Tricks to Login to Facebook Account!

three tips to login to facebookThe only reason I switched to Facebook from Orkut ages back was the security assurance that Facebook offered to its users. But as the number of users increased with time, I wonder Facebook have stopped giving priority to its security system as hacking IDs on MSN were never that common as its now when it comes to Facebook. Although it introduces some new tactics to avoid illegal logins after every couple of days but you will be surprised to know that even then you can sign in to your Facebook accounts by entering three passwords and with three different user names. So a person, who knows even a little bit about you and your possible password can hack your account easily.

Three Password Tricks to Log in

You will be amazed to know that you can sign in to your account with three passwords, although you must be aware of only one by now.

Your main password is the one that you enter yourself at the time of choosing password. However you can also toggle the characters of your existing password as the password security of the world’s largest social media is NOT case Sensitive. This means that if your original password is, for example, nida@XaiDi, you can access your account by entering the opposite character case which will be in this case “NIDA@xAIdI”. That’s weird, but let me tell you the other option which will sound creepier.

three passwords

It was my friend who actually gave me a hint about it, I asked for her cell phone to login to my account. While entering the password she told me that her cell phone do wonders as the first character of the password, is no more case sensitive while login from her cell. I took it as a Joke but when I could actually got into my page, that was alarming. I researched on it and figured out that your Facebook password accepts the “first letter” of your original password as Case Insensitive. To make the point clearer, Nida@XaiDi would have worked here too. Just imagine. So if you are using a complicated password for your Facebook and finds it irritating to enter while signing in to your account from a cell where typing the complicated password is difficult, then here is the solution.

Login with Three Different Usernames

Now this is what I personally appreciate, you can always login to your Facebook accounts by three different usernames. There are possibilities that people like me, who have got a bad memory, having a couple of usernames and passwords on different social media might forget the username if not password while signing in. for them, here is the good news, which some of you must be knowing.

The first username is your default E-mail address that is linked with your Facebook account. Facebook, about two years ago offered its users an opportunity to replace their login usernames, which is their email address with a pre customized name. This username is shown in the URL of the Facebook profile pages of yours and your friends. Thirdly you can always sign in to your Facebook Profile with your cell phone number if you have subscribed yourself for the Facebook Mobile services. The service, not only keeps you updated with the recent happenings on your wall but also is a necessity to regain the access of your account when it gets hack. The Nokia new series always ask you to login to your Facebook account with your mobile number if you are using the built-in Facebook application of your phone. So in this way you can enjoy easy logins to your account.

The Reason Behind!

Despite of taking the risk of the user profiles being hacked, Facebook have got reasons to keep things that way. After searching for a long time, being curious to know how Facebook Programmers can neglect such an important step, I found the reason that Facebook, believing to keep things easy and smooth for the authentic users, actually accept three forms of passwords mentioned above. The reason behind is the genuine mistake that users sometime make while typing their passwords when the CAP lock is either on or off. First letter of the passwords are case insensitive because most of the cell phones automatically capitalizes the first alphabet while entering the password. Although there are risks in the process but still, unlike other websites where the busy users have to re type the entire password again if the Cap lock is on, Facebook has make the entire process easy and quick.

Bonus: Tips to Keep your Account Secured

1. Password Selection:

Your photos, friends and messages are like a treasure for you obviously, then why to leave it open? Always select a strong password for your account which should not be related to something that most of the people know. Password sharing with friends is common when you are a teenager, but it can really cause you more than your dreams. Always keep your passwords with you at first place. Choose a password that carries a string of alphabets, symbols and digits, altogether with a length more than 6 words. Always use different passwords for different IDs so that if one goes down, you can still retrieve it with the help of others.

2. Trust Facebook – Only:

People often login to their accounts using proxies which can bring a disaster too in special cases. Login to your account using and avoid clicking on pages you are not sure about.

security at fb

3. Tough Question:

Just like your Hotmail account, you can set a security question for your Facebook Account that can help you in retrieving your account if it becomes a subject to illegal use. Go to Account page settings>add security question.

4. Not Only Facebook, but Mail too:

When you forget your password, you can simply regain the access through the associated email address, so you really need to pay equal attention to the security settings of that account too as if a person gets the control of that account, he can easily access your Facebook Account too.

This was all for now, I hope with it, my readers who didn’t know the useful tips to access their Facebook Accounts with different ways can now enjoy a Case insensitive Facebook Login.


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