7 to-do things before deleting Facebook Account!

delete facebookSocial media has turned into a must-to-have part of life where almost every next person is either using Facebook or any other alternative to stay tuned with the happenings all over the world. No doubts about its importance, Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites in the world. However, life was never as difficult as it has become now when it comes to threatening people. impersonating your rivals and mis-using their pictures and private information. There is always a bad part of everything good, and with Facebook, when the worst part over shadows the good one, users normally opt the last option of deleting their Facebook accounts.

It is important to understand that there are few measures the users must take before deleting their accounts. Here are 7 of them. Have a look!

1)Download your Facebook information

If you don’t wanted to lose the juicy, laugh-out-loudly conversations, those jolly or melancholy photos your friends posted and amusing or regular minute-to-minute updates, then you are going to love the feature of Facebook, that is saving and giving you a copy of every move you ever made on the journey of Facebook. Go to your account settings, click, General, in the top left, then click, Download a copy of your Facebook data, and enjoy the archive by clicking the final click, start my archive. Enjoy recalling the old memories.

2)Check your connected app

Are you a music-lover and surviving over your feed of new songs through Spotify, then you will die with hunger if you spontaneously delete your account! If you are wondering why, than I am glad you are going to be safe because there are few apps which use your Facebook username and password to log onto them, such as Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, Pandora and Spotify. These apps don’t let you decouple your Facebook account. So before you decided to delete, click on your account settings, then Apps in the left column, and see where you will be facing problems later, and then play according to the game.

3)Ask for contact information

You indeed appreciate a fact, no matter how distant you are living from a friend, but you know where they have been last weekend, what they are up to, what they are going to do, what’s happening to them and where are they crashing at the moment, because the moment you log in, tones of notifications forced you to check it out. But when you are dropping your account, make sure you ask your friends about any other way to stay connected. You could stay in touch via texting, phone or alternative email address either at Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

4)Ask for friends’ birthdays

The most impossible thing next to cramming books is to cram birthday dates and luckily Facebook has always rescued you from terror of forgetting your friend’s birthdays. But now when you decided to leave it, write them down somewhere or set them in your phones so you may not forget ever. Let your friends know that you are deleting your facebook account, but would still like to remember their days, by using Facebook Birthday app to gather the dates.

5)Optimize your SEO before you go

If still you think you can live without Facebook, and then make sure you stay socially active on other sites so your friends and potential clients could reach you easily.

6)Store your Facebook information on the cloud

There could be a lot more to save rather than photos or chats on your account, so do not forget to create a backup of your data because it’s better to play on safe hand. You could use, Backupify.com to store web application data and enjoy your retirement.

7)Remove pictures

You may have uploaded personal pictures to be shared with cousins only. While deleting the account are you sure your data will be permanently gone? The real answer is you don’t know, so it’s better to delete all those pictures or documents which could be use by the third party to harm you. Erase all evidences and enjoy the freedom without worries of being ever caught.

Are you sure you still wanted to give up your Facebook account. Let us know what else you have to take care off before deleting the account.


8 thoughts on “7 to-do things before deleting Facebook Account!”

  1. Thanks. We need this post for in case anything in future…
    Now i’m depending on fb to promote stuffs online. Maybe another best alternative for us is G+ , they are doing good too haha 😀

  2. Interesting post.If any one read this post before delete face book account, i think he never delete because this post change his mind set.Thanks for share this post with us.

  3. One day none of us will use Facebook, it’s a crazy thought..Anyone deleting their facebook account would be wise to back it up first and archive it. BTW interesting guide

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