15 Things Bloggers should stop doing immediately

things blogger should quitWhen it comes to choose blogging as your major career to earn your livings, you need to be extra careful with the strategies you adopt. It’s true that blogging is one of the best examples of a successful entrepreneurship, where you are free to share all your creativity and can generate the corresponding revenue for yourself, at the same time, governing your habits is equally essential as to monitor your blog. People think that blogging is all about creating a blog, posting high quality content and applying some technicalities at back end. However, it constitutes only around 30% as a part of total earnings. When you choose blogging as your career, you are actually targeting the entire world to get benefited with. Therefore, if the object is that huge, you need to take care of every bit coming out from your way.

Studying the biographies of professional bloggers and applying them in our career, here are15 must-avoided things that you need to know as a blogger to save your business from getting effected with mistakes that might be a part of your attitude!

1. You are Not Perfect-Admit that

A noticeable fact that is common in most of the newbie bloggers is that they assume that owning a platform of their own (blog) gives them a license to declare themselves as perfect. However, people like to identify with what they read and if you would sound perfect, they could hardly identify with something that is perfect.

2. Don’t Sound Common

Your readers expect you to have your unique style that keeps them bounded. Once you realize what uniqueness you have to offer your readers, you will see that there wouldn’t be any competitors ultimately. Turn your blog special for those are following it so that they stick to their choice.

3. Countless Lame Mistakes

lame mistakesAs a sole owner and manager of you blog, committing mistakes like typing errors, spelling mistakes, forgetting to link the posts, etc are common blunders that always have a room of acceptation. However, a success person is the one who identifies his mistakes, admits it, learn from it and try never to repeat. If you are busy blogger who types around 2,000 words a day and cannot take care of petty things, then you can always ask your friends to proofread your documents.

4. Life Without Priorities

It’s a pity that the new bloggers start hoping for the comeback, as big as the pro-bloggers enjoy after years of investment. This is wrong, absolutely. The fact is bitter but you need to take it that your blog needs time to make its position, stable enough to start earning. You must list down your priorities and make your schedule accordingly, making sure that other important things are not neglected with your no-earning-blog!

5. ‘I Will Do It Myself’- attitude

i will do it myself attitude

Although the thought of doing this is contrary to the basic theme of entrepreneurship, but you see, as a human, it is unlikely that you do all tasks yourself with perfection. Try of hiring an assistants that can do 60% of your work while sharing only 10% of the revenue been generated.

6. Running behind the most common trends

As a blogger myself, I completely understand the idea of searching latest news and writing all about them. That’s a good practice indeed, but only when you are too quick to be among the top 20s’ to break it. what you might have noticed that writing for things that are way too common decreases the chances that your readers would love to read about things they already know. Always try to be initiative with coming up something new

7. Hold On to things- take it to heart!

Just like you have all the liberty to use your blog to post anything the way you want, the same freedom is enjoyed by people around the world, who might be your competitors. It happens sometimes that you find people talking about you negatively on their blogs, let it be. You are famous enough to enjoy rumors, take it this way.

8. NO Coherency

Chain LinksWhen you have taken blogging as your career, then you must invest your business communication skills in your business as well. Coherency literally means that all your points must make sense with the actual theme of your paragraph. This is a good way to keep the readers bound with your content. This is something that would not only help you in blogging but in anything you do which is related to writing.

9. Sound immature

Why on earth your readers would read your content when several other posts are available those are just a click away? Did you ever ask this to yourself? If not, then you better do! No matter which business you start your career with; you need to build credibility for your business and especially for your persona so that you become people’s priority rather than their option. Be professional; do not sound cheesy or too childish. You are addressing people of all ages, so keep that respect in your content that please people of all ages.

10. Take it too seriously

I have been a true example of taking it too high initially. What new bloggers do is, they keep on checking their emails after every half an hour or so to check out the current happening, as if something important would be waiting there to be replied on urgent basis. Creating a hype of anything is of no use, keep that in mind.

11. Panic with Blog Statistics

As discussed in the point 10, you need to have some patience while dealing with your blog’s statistics. As a blogger you need to absorb this fact that your business is not only dependent on your product or your service, but it is highly related to the demand and the mercy of search engines. Your blog’s statistics may be a fluctuating one, don’t worry about it, until and unless the overall earnings suffer.

12. Give your posts an Emo-touch

no emotional touchThe World is made up different people with different school of thoughts, some might be too realistic, some might be too emotional, however, do not ever let your emotions be reflected in your posts. This is a disaster in a writer’s career. Talk on general terms; never give your example that is related to an emotional touch.

13. NO Life!

Are you a dedicated blogger? Do you spend all your time on writing the posts? Don’t you do anything apart from writing for your blogs? If yes, then a bad news is, your blog is going to suffer really bad in coming days. What makes me say this is the fact that the more your write, the more your mind becomes saturated! Try reading novels, watching movies, keeping a track of news bulletin so that your vocabulary is refreshed and updated along with its excessive usage.

14. Neglecting Family

A 100% guaranteed fact is that if your personal life is not peaceful, then you can hardly do anything in your professional life. To avoid the severe repercussion, learn to lead a balanced life, keeping both, the family and the business simultaneously smooth. You will see your business excelling then.

15. Doubting Your Potentials

This point deserves to be on number 1 on the basis of its significance, however, its number 15 here so that we leave you with a thought that would keep there in your mind, longest. The moment you raised question about your potential, your business comes to an end then and there. There are possibilities that may be the direction you chose is slightly different as the one that might have worked out for you, but that doesn’t means that you don’t have the skills to tackle the situation. Have complete faith on yourself and your hard work, believing that fruitful results would soon be achieved.

So you see, blogging is all about reshaping your life with a completely new aspect of visualizing things. Becoming a desirable blogger consumes so much of hard work, not only in technical terms but you also need to give special attention to your entire persona. Try relating things with your story and learn lessons from them.

All the best!

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  1. Really It’s acceptable the terms you showed in your post are really major things which we should stop as being a blogger… Most Importantly sometimes people just confused after sometimes when they think to start the careers as a blogger… Even I when I started blogging in 2009 i did so many silly mistakes and the result was like i couldn’t grow… But Now i started my blog with new things and with a systematic way after knowing the cons n pros…

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