5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Journalists

things bloggers can learn from journalistsJournalism is all about empowering and captivating its readers and so is the case with blogging. Therefore, Blogging resembles journalism quite a lot. You need to make others hear you, listen to you and continue listening to you. You need to capture your audience in order to bring revenue to your blog. Most of the bloggers consider themselves as journalists and even follow great journalists, which get very beneficial for them. If you write articles the way journalists do, you will see that things will ultimately take a new turn in your blogging career, bringing not only a good traffic, but also generating some really huge money.

To give your writing a journalism touch, here are the 5 things you can learn from the journalists.

1. How to have a grand title

Title of the article is what grabs the reader’s attention. Journalists are very keen about choosing the titles for their articles. They scheme their audience and compel them to read their articles just by their powerful words. It’s all a game of words only! With some time and efforts, one gets a hand on things. You can use your blog analytical tools to find out about your post’s performance and review the comments and social sharing of your posts to get a hand of things most welcomed by the readers. You must be well aware of what types of post titles grabs the most audience clicks and shares.

2. How to write using an Inverted Pyramid

Inverted Pyramid writing is what journalists prefer the most. Inverted Pyramid writing has the most important details in the beginning of the article. As soon as you go down the article, it becomes less complex and less important. The reader gets the main idea just by reading the initial article and then chooses whether to finish it or not. The later article contains the secondary details which can be overlooked by the reader. The main objective of a journalist is to give the vital news and then leave it to the reader to continue. A journalist hits the main point in the beginning!

3. How to write a Strong Lede

A strong lede is what makes the blog post successful. It consists of the initial paragraph or a first few sentences of an article depicting the main idea. The lede should be so appealing or captivating enough that the reader won’t drift away from your article. Spend a few good minutes on the initial lines of your blog post since it is all worth it when you grab a few more readers. All you need to do is to hold on tight to your readers, just by a strong lede!

4. How to get Great Quotes

Getting great quotes and words out of the interviewee is what journalists have a command in. You need to have interesting and meaningful quotes to dress up your article in the best attire. Everyone loves embellishments and so does your readers. You need to furnish your blog posts in the best possible manner. That way, you will surely attract readers to your blog!

5. How to Break Stories

Blogging is more fun when you have some great news to break. Journalists are always in search of some big news for their articles. It’s like breaking the ice! In same way, bloggers can break the news first and drive instant traffic out of it. Bloggers can use Google Alerts, SocialMention alerts, Twitter and etc to get a bunch of big news and attract readers. It’s all about being the first one to break the stories, no matter how important or unimportant the story is.

With the following tips been followed, Your Blogging can turn into a beneficial business for you, giving you a new touch to offer in your blogging career.

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