Who Is theRadBrad And How He Became Rich?

How theRadBrad got richAnybody there willing to get an inspiration out of content development as to make their living? Well, you must have learnt about the self-proclaimed King of the YouTube Gameplay Walkthrough, theRadBrad. He is the man who makes the content development thing an ideal and the most fun-loving job for everyone (if not then atleast for himself). Ofcourse, who doesn’t want to choose a career to be one of their passions in their lives. Just like the man behind theRadBrad, Bradley Colburn did for himself. This game maniac made sure to opt something very beloved to him as his earning. His passion for playing new and all kind of games made him open his own channel on YouTube and its now that he has become one of the richest and highly paid YouTuber. Brad seems way too cool to be a 9 to 5 working workaholic.

Lets get to who he actually is and how he made it possible for him!

Who Is theRadBrad?

who is TheRadBrad and how he became so rich

theRadBrad is the name of a YouTube channel belonging to Bradley Colburn. Born on February 10, 1987, he is a 29 years old American gamer who became a big name with his passion for gaming and an inspiration for all those willing to opt a profession which they love. Bradley made it very simple to become popular and exceptionally practical. What he actually does? He being a gamer makes his videos while playing many different games on the list and sharing his experiences. He tells the viewers that how to play and how to beat. There are mainly the most popular games of the world queued up in his list.

Net Worth of RadBrad?


According to Bradley, he started this trait back in 2010. Its now that he has 2.32 million total subscribers and 756 million total views (woah! That definitely is a big figure). What makes him worth this much? If its just a man who plays video games and makes videos and uploads on Youtube? Then what makes him this renowned? In reality, this is not it when it comes to theRadBrad. The style, the humor and the unpredictable and entertaining commentary made by Bradley over different game scenarios is just phenomenal.

He is an expressive soul who shares his good and bad experiences at different stages of games. There is one remarkable thing that has been associated with his gaming practices known as ‘breaking chairs’. This is what he does when he is unable to beat a level in a game.

The kind of personality and the sense of humor he has got is something that makes him one of the best game guides. His soft and unique voice is also a feature that most of his followers like about him. His estimated yearly income is found to be $137000-$1.38 million after youtube’s 45% cut.

As told by himself in an interview, he was in college when he had a lot of free time in 2010. That was the time when Modern Warfare II was all over there in the gaming world. He used to check out the posts and reviews related to this and there came the idea to start a channel of his own. And this was when he decided to make YouTube his full time living. Today, he plays games on his Xbox 360, Xbox one, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 with a lot more passion and a world plays along with him.

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