The Truth Behind Karachi’s Freemason You Need to Know

Truth ABout Karachi Freemason (1)There are always some mysteries regarding some or many chapters in the history of an entity or state. The bitter or hidden truths which when brought to discussions always leave a controversial disposition. Similar is the case with the freemasonry and the city of Karachi, Pakistan. If you have been hearing this term much in your surroundings yet you do not know what is it all about, you really need to read  something we have for you here.

The Freemason Lodge in Karachi

Who can even believe in the fact that there existed a freemason fraternity hall in our very own city of lights in the not so distant past of its times. It was the meeting place for freemason members and meet ups regarding freemasonry. Not verily exposed but it is likely to be known as The Hope Lodge. This Freemason Hall is located near the Fawara Chowk in the locality of Saddar in Karachi. This architecture takes you back to a totally different era of the history of Karachi.


The activities conducted by the freemason’s organization are more likely to be stated as controversial and possess conspiracy theories because of their hidden mysterious symbols and rituals. The known symbols of a compass and square typically indicating the tools of a mason. And it has been like it since hundreds of years.

In Karachi, the one and only Hope Lodge is found to have this symbol within its boundaries. Built in 1914 during British rule, this is a historic building in regard with its rich heritage related to the freemasonry fraternity. It is also known as ‘The House of Magic’ or ‘Jadoo Ghar’ in terms of a common man. The architecture style strikes the essence of Victorian and Edwardian designs.

Outlook of the freemason fraternity in Pakistan

Truth ABout Karachi Freemason (1)

Calling out the idea of freemason fraternity as a mystery or a point of a controversial discussion is dependent with respect to different thoughts coming from different minds. But on a larger scale, Muslim researchers in majority think the freemason fraternity works for the Jewish lobby and their causes. It might not be taken as the verdict. The number of Muslims as freemasons is also considerable. Still the majority’s sentiments about this organization were that it comes from Zionist origin and people belonging to this organization are related to black magic.

Freemasons on the walls of the Lodge

As the mystery exposes, there are certain surprising names of the freemasons which you could not have thought to be written in the list of freemasons. First name is of very famous pre-partition muslim ‘jam Ayoub Aliani. He was just a member of the organization. While two other muslims M.M.R Sherazi and M.G. Hassan held the offices.

Truth ABout Karachi Freemason (2)

According to G.M. Syed, founder of Sindhi separatist movement, Mir Ayub Khan had his membership in freemasonry too. Interestingly, we couldn’t find G.M Syed’s name on the plaque at the Lodge in the list of freemasons.

The non-Muslim freemasons included W.F. Bhojwani and K.P. Adwani and D.F. Setna.

Freemason Hall taken over

In 1965, a ban was put on the military servicemen to become a member of freemason fraternity. In 1969, the ban was generalized for all, no one was allowed to work for an organization like freemasonry. The freemasonry was fully banned in 1972 by Bhutto government. It resulted in the confiscation of their properties and the lodges in Karachi and Lahore taken over.

A number of surveys and researches have showed that names like Mike Bruce and Dan Brown support the idea of this fraternity and their hidden objectives.

Dan Brown on freemasonry


The famous author Dan Brown has proposed that president of USA , George Washington has been a member of this secret brotherhood. Leonardo Da Vinci is also one of the supportive name in this regard. Dan Brown has mentioned the symbols of Freemason Fraternity in his novels being embossed in buildings like White House and Congress Library.

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