The Reality of Selling the Soul In Hollywood

Selling the souls in HollywoodThe magical sensation of Hollywood and its charismatic ownership of its people, its followers, is not a debatable phenomenon. Hollywood has made the critics and viewers its slaves. Once you enter Hollywood, you find a whole new world waiting for you. Most of the artists including actors, models, singers, musicians and dancers get addicted to the sweet wine of the alluring dreams that Hollywood show to them. Being world’s giant entertainment industry, it doesn’t offer its luxuries at any low cost. There is a long, thorny way to go!

Darker Side of Hollywood, The Eye Opener

Reality of hollywood eye opener

Seeing all the glitters and glories as apparent on screen and thinking that how cool it is to be a part of this industry? You just need to come out of this fallacy! You just cant measure the truth behind and the darkness inside it!

Not only the effort and struggle are factors that you need to check. For making significant position in the industry, you need to do some unorthodox practices. These can be anything. Anything has got a literal meaning here. Once you get rich by entering the industry, you just don’t need to stop, the fame, the power, the renown, you just don’t want to keep your feet on earth. You get defeated by its beautiful treachery. Welcome to Hollywood!

Selling One’s Soul To Devil

Selling your soul to the devil

Selling the soul refers to compromise the values and integrity for sake of success, fame, power and money. It is a gesture of submitting oneself completely to a ruling power that in return gives success and riches. In Hollywood, the artists are somehow compelled to keep their values aside and do satanic things. Female models are forced to do vulgar acts even if they don’t want to. But they do it for money, for fulfilling their lust.

selling soul at hollywood

In this regard, many of them have accepted to be a part of some kind of devil’s clan or suspected to be a worshiper of Satan. This makes them to be considered as the followers of Illuminati. In the given link you can see how Jack Black admits to sell his soul to devil.

How Selling Soul Tends to Following Illuminati

Selling the souls in Hollywood

Selling the souls to Devil is the second name of following the concept of illuminati. You forget about the difference between wrong and right and deliberately choose the wrong doings just to get your desires fulfilled. There is a force that make them believe in Satan giving them fame and success just because they are its followers.

In the Light of Statements of Celebrities from Hollywood

Many singers or actors have been spotted talking of their beliefs being in the direction of this illuminati thing.

Nicole Scherzinger says : “to make it, you really have to sell your soul to the devil”.

Big L says:     “I’m rollin’ with Satan, not Jesus Christ. I’m the only son of the devil.”

Bily Ray Cyrus on Miley Cyrus says: “My family is under attack by Satan, I’m scared for daughter Miley.”

So that was a brief overview on how one actually sells his soul to Illumnati indirectly via Hollywood. How far do you agree with it?

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