Ten Ways To Earn Money On Christmas in 2014

clip_image002.jpgThis is to the time when everyone seems to be happy and cheerful, every single face is splendid, every other person is contended and busy in preparation of something very special. What is this much special? Yes! its Christmas season that has brought all the cheer and joy in the lives of people. All the ladies and the lords are overwhelmed while preparing for Christmas but there are some people seeking to earn money by making the most out of Christmas. They are actually kind of opportunist who doesn’t want to let go any chance of making money and consider Christmas holidays the best way to meet their need.


Discovering new and productive ways, we have a list of money making techniques on the Christmas of 2014.


The very first thing that people want to do for the preparation for Christmas is to make their houses clean. Not only houses but also the area surrounded and the roads as well. So this is one of the most beneficial activities to earn money on Christmas to clean gardens, roads and areas for sake of money.

Cleaning involves various tasks like gardening, collecting garbage and extra stuff from a passage. People are eager to show the best of them on Christmas so they would always appreciate even cleaning for a good payback.


There are many different campaigns that arrange programs and games every day before Christmas. These programs involve game shows, quiz show, different activities and tasks to be done and prizes waited for the winners. This seems to be one of the easiest and also interesting ways out to earn money particularly on Christmas. The more the number of parties or programs you attend the more would be the chance of winning prizes.

You can either utilize these presents to give to your relatives on Christmas or sell them to earn more money. Whatever you do this is anyhow an extra money that you earn on Christmas.

Selling old items

Talking about some of the conventional or typical ways of earning on Christmas, the first thing that comes in our mind is selling old items in the market. Items can be of any category. You can sell your mobile phone, plasma and any other thing that you think to get replaced. There are many stores that launch an open sale on Christmas and they provide everyone with an open opportunity to sell or purchase their items. In this way, you can bring your goods in use and earn money by selling these goods on such store.

There are many closets running through this technique. You can keep your old clothes, shoes and other accessories which are already in good condition and get a good payback for these goods.


Christmas comes with all the new colors and flavors for people of all the ages and it also has impact on almost every field of life. Whenever we talk about a party season that too of Christmas, we can estimate the expenses going beyond the budget and one of its main cause is cooking and baking items. This gives an idea to start baking on Christmas and have your extra income baked for yourself.

People enjoy different cookies, cup cakes, pastries and many other baked food items in holidays for Christmas and especially in parties. So adopting a baking profession is one of the smartest jobs one can do to earn money.


If you are even a bit interested in decoration, then you can never let your extra money go in vein on Christmas. All you need to do it to sharpen your skill and go for decoration on different venues. Christmas is all about colors, lighting, fascinating decorative items and much more. Everyone wants their home sweet home to look best on this event. To make their Christmas tree look much more attractive, you can be the one to hold the opportunity and get your Christmas present in the form of payback money. You can use different items for decoration purpose as decoration is the first and the most important factor in the planning of a party.


Being creative is a gift from God. This is very true and one can experience it on Christmas by himself. To show all your creativity, all you need is to have a platform or a catchy opportunity that brings you good money in return. People usually like to send greeting cards on Christmas and also different cards with different tag lines with presents. You can be a source of making these post cards and prove your creativity through it.

It would earn you a good name and your stake as well.

Holding stalls

Selling and branding is somehow a difficult task and requires a good experience but holding stalls or different items and doing a good marketing of the products is one of the best and amazing ways to earn money on Christmas. Many shopkeepers and small business planners hold stalls of almost every kind of item and goods in this season. So you can go and help them in arranging their stalls, doing a good marketing for them and bringing people to their stalls for getting a good commission as your payback.

Advertising parties

Next we have in our list is the most joyful and convenient way of earning on Christmas. There are some parties planned by different big or small companies in order to launch any new product and to advertise their brand. All you need to do is to take a group of friends or mates with you and dress yourselves in a way that advertises that particular product of the company. This is a very interesting activity in which all you need to do is to get ready and let yourself party. And the best part is that it also earns you good lump sum money.

Be distributor

There is always a third party in between a selling and buying activity that earns its commission for recommendations and advertisements. Many big companies require such people who can market their new or old items and goods on sale and bring customers to them as much as possible. So why not go and grab the opportunity? You can easily do it around your friends circle, family, relatives. Social media is another big source to bring customers for any company.

This is what we call a distributor in the language of business. It brings you a very good source of money to earn on Christmas.

Pet sitting

Since people remain busy in preparations for Christmas, they have less or no time to take a good care of their pets. You can say hi to them and tell them not to worry about their pets. This can also be a cool way to earn easy money on Christmas. You are already staying all leisure at home so why not earn some money by keeping and looking after some cute pets of others. This goes to most of the animal fans who can earn money this way.