Ten Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

Cosmopolitan-Television.pngWomen can be really unpredictve as far as their choice of interest is concerned. Out of around 500 of registered and popular tv channels, if you really wish to find out the most viewed tv channels for females, you surely have landed over the right place. Have a look!

10. MTV

MTV Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

It is a famous yet favorite TV channels for all sorts of gender, particularly females as they show the top charts of the world throughout the day and are best for the ladies who are music lovers. Owned by the MTV Networks Music & Logo Group, this channel is the basic satellite station for America.

09. BBC Food

BBC Food Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

Women who love to cook now have their own cooking channel where they can learn simple yet delicious dishes without getting any cooking courses. The channel was aired by BBC Lifestyle and possessed and operated by BBC Worldwide and includes numerous shows on this channel which make you mug up diverse categories of dishes each of altered juncture.

08. Lifestyle Network

Lifestyle Network Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

Based in Quezon City, this channel is basically a Filipino cable television network and composed of shows that are much more close to the lifestyle and entertainment which is of more interest for women these days.

07. CW Television Network

CW Television Network Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

A pure entertainment channel called CW Television Network is currently gaining much popularity in females because of a huge variety of TV shows which are watchable for almost all kinds of age group in females extending from tweens to teenagers to young adults to grown-ups.

06. Sky Living

Sky Atlantic HD CMYK Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

A famous British TV channel owned by BSkyB includes all the programs that are actually focused on women and young teenage girls. The most viewed shows on the channel are Ghost Whisperer, Cougar Town, Criminal Minds, America’s Next Top Model, Hot in Cleveland, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

05. Oxygen

Oxygen Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

American satellite TV channel called Oxygen is a subsidiary of the NBCUniversal Cable division of NBCUniversal and features almost all the programs that are mainly targeted on female gender and comprises of innovative reality television sequels, developed scripted series and feature films.

04. Lifetime

Lifetime Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

Just like Oxygen, this channel is also engrossed on women or features women in lead roles of almost all of their programs and serials. The set-up has a blend of humors, theaters, how-to, game displays and veracity programs that are gaining popularity with every passing day.

03. Diva Universal

Diva Universal Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

A famous Asian satellite and cable TV network these days is Diva Universal and includes its major operating channels mostly for females like Diva Asia, Diva Asia HD and Diva Universal Philippines etc.

02. STAR World

STAR World Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

Owned by STAR TV and Fox International Channels, this channel is an Asian English cable TV channel that syndicates most of its popular shows not just from United States but from United Kingdom and Australia as well.

01. Cosmopolitan Television

Cosmopolitan Television Most Viewed TV Channels for Females

This TV channel has its concept qualified from the American women’s magazine Cosmopolitan and has everything that a woman may need to watch in her entire day. The sections include beauty programs, cooking shows, fashion and modeling shows and chick flicks that are aimed at women ages 18–34.