Ten Things You Should Not Do On Christmas

2-drink-too-much.jpgChristmas is near and you all might be wondering how you’re going to spend Christmas, and surely you all have an idea what to do on Christmas, but there are some things that can ruin this special day. So here are 10 things you should NOT do on Christmas.

Take out a loan

1-take out a loan

It always feels nice to buy the best and most expensive gifts for your loved ones and it sure feels good to have the best food and decorations on Christmas, but remember that the best bits of Christmas aren’t the expensive ones. It’s more about sharing these special moments with your loved ones. So, don’t worry about buying the most expensive or best gifts, buy smaller tokens, make what you can yourself and focus on the most important bits.

Drink too much

2-drink too much

Don’t drink yourselves into oblivion this Christmas. Drinking can turn you into a jerk which may hurt others feeling and may also cause you to hurt yourselves physically. So don’t spoil Christmas by being a burden on everyone.

Buy a pet

3-buy a pet

With so much already going on, no one has time to take care of a pet. So save our precious time for the humans in your life. All in all Christmas is the worst time to buy a pet.

Expect too much

4-expect too much

TV shows and commercials have led us to expect too much from Christmas. Although.it is true that this time of the year is a lot more fun, that doesn’t mean one should expect a flawless Christmas because that only exists in TV and magazine commercials. There is always a fight for the remote control or something can go wrong with the food but that is all part of it. So except it and enjoys it.

Be lonely

5-be lonely

Being lonely is the last thing you want for Christmas. If you don’t have a family, have over some friends at your place or go out with some colleagues. Make sure you are around people this Christmas, that way you can feel the holiday spirit.

Try to be everywhere

6-try to be everywhere

Don’t try to make it to every Christmas party or gathering, only the ones that matter. It’s physically impossible to be at every place so don’t sweat yourselves in making the decision; just do what makes you happy.

Be uptight

7-be uptight

Don’t be so uptight and task-focused that no one, including your spouse and kids, wants to be around you. Let people participate in the activities and traditions, even if they have a new way of doing it.

Be joyful and enjoy the decorations, singing, food and the company of your loved ones.

Hold on to the past

8-hold on to the past

Christmas is a good time as any to let go of the past. If you have any quarrels with any family member or friend then this is the perfect time to resolve them. If there are bad memories of any past Christmas then let them go, because Christmas is a time for love and joy.

Be a cheapskate

9-be a cheapskate

It’s true that one must not overspend on Christmas, yet it gives a negative impression if you try to spend as little as possible on Christmas. It’s a time of joy and love, so spend generously on your loved ones but don’t spend so much that you have to take loan, because that will make you feel miserable after Christmas

Forger the poor and lonely

10-forget the poor and lonely

There are always those who are less fortunate and are deprived of the joys of Christmas. It is our responsibility as members of the society to share our happiness and love with such people. In this time of happiness, it would be tragedy if any of our fellow human beings are sad and lonely.