Ten Richest Chinese Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood chinese celebritiesWith the advancement in the Hollywood film industry, the demand of fresh faces is increasing every day. Most of the film directors and producers are now casting and hiring Chinese actors, actresses, singers and producers for their upcoming projects.

Ten richest Chinese Hollywood celebrities are as stated below.

Donnie Yen (net worth: 18.6 million dollars)

 Donnie Yen chinese

Yip Man was his most famous movie that made him transform into a real hero from a martial artist. Due to his spiraling reputation, he has also starred in a lot of commercials.

Fan Bingbing (net worth: 17.8 million dollars)

She is known as the Queen of Red Carpet and is one of those few actresses who have set up their own studios. She is currently working for many advertisements, including ones for LV Alma bag, Adidas Originals, L’OREAL Paris and VISCAP.

Jolin Tsai (net worth: 16.2 million dollars)

 Jolin Tsai

Pop star Jolin Tsai is acknowledged for her numerous MTV performances; exceptional dance moves and boundless singing abilities. She had an actual breakthrough with her new album called Muse.

Jay Chou (net worth: 16.8 million dollars)

Jay Chou

Jay Chou is very brilliant musician, who produces all of his own melodies as well as creates songs for other performers. His new song album called Opus 12 was released in 2012 after which two songs from the album achieved 1000 hits in one hour after their airing, displaying his unmatched fame. In addition he is also working in a movie called e Rooftop which was also directed by him.

Leehom Wang (net worth: 14.9 million dollars)

Leehom Wang

He was born in America and is considered as a versatile ideal person due to his excellent musical aptitude, prodigious acting abilities and nice nature. He has earned numerous Golden Melody Awards and HITO Radio Music Rewards.

Huang Xiaoming (net worth: 12.3 million dollars)

Huang Xiaoming

He owns his own studio called Huang Xiaoming that he opened himself during 2011. His two major films were American Dreams in China and White Haired Witch. Both of these movies have been recently released and his enactments in these two films acknowledged much admiration of the critics.

Jackie Chan (net worth: 10.6 million dollars)

7 Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is one of the very well-known Chinese artists in Hollywood because he took kungfu movies into conventional American cinema. He has numerous other identities as well including those of actor, martial arts performer, movie manager, producer and scriptwriter.

Zhang Ziyi (net worth: 9.6 million dollars)

Zhang Ziyi is one of the most renowned Chinese performer, model and actress in the world, particularly in the United States. She has accomplished her worldwide reputation through the movie called Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.

Yang Mi (net worth: 7.07 million dollars)

She has been showcased in numerous popular films over the period of 2012, such as Painted Skin 2, The Bullet Vanishes and Holding Love. In the latter years, she was co-featured with her real life partner Liu Kaiwei and her Television series has given her more experience as well as consideration among her fans.

Chris Lee (net worth: 6.6 million dollars)

Chris Lee

Chris Lee was the original super star selected by conventional people and she was remunerated the honorary trophy of Asia Hero by the Time magazine. Her newest album Old If Not Wild is one of her biggest hits.

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