Ten Richest Bloggers That Own A Company

Perez-Hilton-Mario-Lavandeira.jpgBlogging can be an ultimate solution for all those intelligent and motivated souls who looks forward to cash their talent and knowledge by launching themselves as thee CEOs of their oen business, running it all the way from their living room.

Here are 10 impressive bloggers who own a company. Have a look!

10. Slash Gear

Slash Gear-(Ewdison Then)

Ewdison Then

The owner of this site is Ewdison Then who also works as a media publisher for the company of his blog. He on the other hand is the CEO of the company known by the name of R3 Media LLC.

09. VentureBeat

VentureBeat-(Matt Marshall)

Matt Marshall

The owner of this worldwide technology news blog is Matt Marshall who used to be a very presumptuous journalist before he was a record breaking blogger. His company mostly deals with the technology and is also focused on money, investments as well as finance.

08. Lifehacker

Lifehacker-(Gina Trapani)

Gina Trapani

Gina Trapani is the owner of this killer blog who is also the only woman in the lists of highest earning bloggers with a company. Recently she has also joined Gawker Blog Empire and Gizmodo.

07. TutsPlus

TutsPlus -(Collis Ta’eed)

Collis Ta’eed

The owner of TutsPlus is Collis Ta’eed whose company deals with the building up of the skills in their customers that compiles seminars, allocutions and many other teaching approaches to update readers about application software and numerous designing tools.

06. Gothamist.com

Gothamist.com-(Jake Dobkins)

Jake Dobkins

Jake Dobkins earn millions and millions from his blog and his own company with the newsy establishments covering topics like art, genres of food and all the latest happenings and events around the world.

05. Timothy Sykes’ blog

Timothy Sykes

When it comes to learning how to make lots of money, reading his blog is a must to do. His company works for the inspiring articles stocks, finance and investments and because he is an expert in all of them, he earns about two million dollars from this company every month.

04. SmashingMagazine

SmashingMagazine- (Vitaly Friedman)

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman is the founder and owner of this bog and company who works for all the website designers. His company plus his blogs are the most famous in the world of web design and web development. .

03. TechCrunch

TechCrunch-(Michael Arrington)

Michael Arrington

Founder Michael Arrington has created a one stop endpoint for tech news and this is why he is also the most persuasive personality in technology.

02. Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton- (Mario Lavandeira)

Mario Lavandeira

Mario Lavandeira has his own style of journalism and this is the only reason why he is so rich and earning huge sum of money. It’s a blog that is about celebrity news, scandals and much more that people love to read and talk about.

01. Mashable

Mashable-(Pete Cashmore)

Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore is the CEO and founder of this blog and company who is focused on many things all at once including technology and business to social media, entertainment and lifestyle which is why it is the largest independent site in the world

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