Ten Amazing Platforms to Sell Mobile Applications Online

mobile platforms to make moneyIf you are a mobile application developer or a passionate coder, you should know that you have your key to success in your hand. The mobile industry has turned into a giant monster and is growing like anything at a pace, unmatched.  However, publishing applications free with advertisements, is something that cannot help you in getting rich. Here are 10 of the best platforms to develop, publish and make money.

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App store

App store platfrom to sell  mobile apps on

It is the largest application store represented by Apple Inc. and has around 650000 apps. It has an iOS developer program that can aid you as a developer to segment and allocate the ideas globally and on a large scale.

Google play

Google Play platform to sell mobile apps on

It is one of the best app store used worldwide and being the app store of Google it is also known as Google Market. This platform is basically targeting the android market and is now the very right place to enterprise, cultivate and dispense the apps online.


SellMyApplication.com platform to sell mobile apps on

It is just one stop that you need to sell your apps online and is now among leading website used by the developers to make sure of the selling of their codes while purchasing other code ownerships and license.


SlideMe.org platform to sell mobile apps on

One can easily get the deals according to their choice for almost all of the android related apps here because this is the sole website that gives the right dealing and popularity of the developers all around the world.


Binpress.com platform to sell mobile apps on

It is the best market place these days for the commercial open source and is now providing the best podium to the dealers to shape the most profit generating business working on their own open source codes.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore platform to sell mobile apps on

It is best for the Google operating android systems and is now accessible in more than 200 countries. This one includes free app a day feature which is highly profit engendering for the developers.

BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World platform to sell mobile apps on

It is one of the best app distributing services given round the world for the majority of the BlackBerry devices so the browsing, downloading and updating of the third party applications can be made possible.

Samsung Apps

Samsung Apps platform to sell mobile apps on

It is the only unsurpassed stop for almost all the android based Samsung phones and also deals with the Samsung smart TV transactions as well.


CodeCanyon.net platform to sell mobile apps on

Basically this website is an Envato Marketplace where you cannot just purchase but also sell the scripts as well as components for a diversity of different languages and backgrounds which may involve JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, and Java.


Appsplit.com platform to sell mobile apps on

This is the best platform for all those users which are either concerned in opening a crusade to fund out or sell along with mounting an app.