Top 10 Tips for Teens to Increase Their Pocket Money – Part 2




We have been discussing in our previous post, Top 10 Tips for Teens to  Increase Their Pocket Money – 2012 – Part 1 , that how can teens make their own identity and help themselves in giving a boost to their pocket money by doing easy and simple things along with their studies,

here are the remaining best 5 tips :

6) Learn Multitasking- do works – plenty of works

Great people have set great examples for people like you and me. You need to understand that there is nothing shameful in doing things that are bringing you money, experience and popularity. Teens often hesitate in doing small tasks to make money, although that’s a little too immature to think like that. You need to understand that in your current status, you ate simply nothing and so stop dreaming about a white collar job at this level. multitasking

You might find this as a contradicting statement, but its true somehow that you need to treat your small tasks as your soul business. There are small tasks that are always available for teenagers like babysit, gardening, data entry operating, something related to automobiles.

You can ask your neighbors, offering your helps in a particular event and charging for it.

7)  Do Business with Friends!

I have done this one too, trust me, It works! Sharing my experience might set some enthusiasm; I can guarantee you that it works awesomely. I was in 3rd grade when I started this. I was really fond of Sticker Sheets of different cartoon characters. One sheet of a particular cartoon character used to have 20- 30 different poses. One sheet used to cost Rs. 5 at that time and I used to cut those stickers neatly into 20-30 pieces (depending on the number of different poses of the character) and used to sell them to my friends for Rs. 1 or 2. This way I used to make a considerable amount of money, for example, if a sheet of superman had 20 different stickers, and I sold 1 sticker for Rs. 1, I made a profit of Rs. 15. I used to reinvest that money again in buying another sticker sheet and so with friends

Moreover, when the ink pens were allowed in school, I bought different pens of different designs and my friends used to buy them from me. I made some profit with that too.

Recently my younger brother once did a similar thing; he actually sold his lunch to a friend in return of some money and bough the lunch from his School canteen. Just imagine!
(What better niche could have suited me if not this! Smile)

You can simply do things like that and enjoy the increase in your pocket money!

8) Search the help – join online communities

online communitiesWe are living in a high tech world where the 2 year old kid knows how to operate your iphone. Similarly, teenagers are keen enough to take great interest in the online methodologies of making money online. However due to the lack of exposure as well the lack of knowledge, it’s better for a teen to first seek some help and basic know how about what to d o and how to do. This can be easily done with online communities.

9) Cash Youtube.


Although I never did this in my teenage, but I definitely made awesome videos at that time. I wish I knew I could make money with them too. Anyway, If you can make popular videos you can easily make money with Youtube and if you succeeded in becoming a YouTube partner.

10) Learn to save money

save moneyIf you want to be successful in life, learn to save money. The more savings you will do the better budget you will have by the end of the day. I read somewhere that a penny that you save is actually a penny you earned. This is true. Learn to minimize you expenses to enjoy a greater profit.


these were some best of the tips that can make Teens look smart

have fun,

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  1. Nicely written both parts, till the date #9 is my favorite job and I think that’s the easiest way to make profits. And it was simply awesome what you did in 3rd grade lol : D

  2. Learn to save money it is vary important to every humans.When i was in child i did’t learn that that way i suffered now. Inspiring post.

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